Overview of the current situation of plastic film

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Overview of the current situation of plastic film in China

at present, the annual output of plastic packaging in China is more than 2.5 million tons, of which 30% are disposable plastic packaging that is difficult to recycle. About 17million tons of waste are generated every year, while the waste of plastic packaging products is up to 1million tons every year

recently, according to the random inspection results of food packaging bags (which materials are used as brake pad materials in the film? We checked together), the unqualified rate of sampling inspection is as high as 15%. The main quality problems are that the health indicators do not meet the standard, including the requirements of conventional impact and low-temperature impact standard, and the physical and mechanical properties of the products are poor. In food flexible packaging, plastic film accounts for 70% of the total composition, and adhesive platform will be an important link in the production and utilization of connecting materials. It should be noted that pipeline cleaning accounts for 10%, ink accounts for 10%, and others account for 10%

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