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Overview of the current situation of flexible packaging of dairy products

in all kinds of dairy packaging, flexible packaging accounts for a large proportion. Due to the variety of dairy products, its flexible packaging forms are rich and diverse. Moreover, the requirements for packaging materials are also very high. At present, the flexible packaging of dairy products is mainly Baili bag and Tetra Pak bag

dairy packaging 2. As we have said above, PE is the main material. However, according to the nature, storage period and storage conditions of dairy products, the density of PE fan blades and the types of additives are also different. For example, the packaging materials of Baili bag can be divided into two types, 3-layer composite materials and 5-layer composite materials. The 5-layer composite packaging material is based on the 3-layer PE material, and some barrier materials are added according to the requirements. EVOH is one of them. But its price is very high, and its application has certain limitations

Baili bag is a popular packaging form of dairy products, and the dairy company has very strict inspection standards for it. There are clear regulations on the width, thickness and outer diameter of the film roll. The appearance requires no obvious water marks and clouds, no scratches and pollution, no impurities, color spots, bubbles, pinholes and cracks. In terms of printing quality, clear and complete words and patterns, no water texture and small color difference are required: when flexographic printing or gravure printing is adopted, there are also specific requirements for layout position deviation and overprint deviation. However, many quality problems of bailibao can't be observed directly with the naked eye. For example, the hot melt temperature, bonding strength and additive properties of the material do not meet the requirements. The friction coefficient of the material is too large. The tensile strength and elongation at break are not enough. These properties need to be tested after the machine operation

the packaging of dairy products is in accordance with the PE health standard formulated by the state. It also needs to carry out microbial detection, heavy metal content detection, fading detection, odor detection, etc. and it is required to carry out odor detection for many times within the shelf life of dairy products

from the use of flexible packaging in our company, the overall quality of flexible packaging for dairy products, especially the appearance quality, is quite good. There are few returns caused by the poor appearance quality of imported machines that many people have taken a fancy to for a long time. However, some physical properties related to computer operation sometimes fail to meet the requirements. This is also the main problem in dairy packaging at present, which often leads to return

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