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According to statistics, in 2004, there were 10868 Enterprises above Designated Size in China's packaging industry, with a total industrial output value of 328.3 billion yuan, an increase of more than 45 times over 1980, and an average annual growth rate of more than 17%; The proportion of GDP rose from 0.4% in 1980 to 2.4%; The position of the packaging industry in the national economy has risen from more than 40 in 1980 to 15, becoming a veritable sunrise industry

China's packaging machinery industry has provided impetus for the development of the packaging industry through the introduction of technology, digestion and absorption, and independent development. According to the statistics, the size of the system has a direct impact on the deviation of the final results: in 1982, there were 35200 packaging machines in China, and 489000 in 2000, with an average annual growth rate of 16%. If the annual growth rate is 9%, it should be 787000 units in 2005 and 1.15 million units in 2010

output (10000 units) growth%

1982 3.52

1983 4.35 23.58

1984 6.67 53.33

1985 8.49 27.29

1986 8.92 5.06

1987 9.59 7.51

1988 10.84 13.03

output (10000 units) growth%

1989 10.56

1990 15.56 56 56.82

1991 17.54 5.92

1992 18.50 5.47

1993 21.00 13.51

1994 25.84 23.05

1995 30.29 17.22

output (10000 sets) Growth%

1996 34.88 15.15

1997 36.14 5.40

1998 40.90 13.20

1999 40.91 9.75

2000 48.90 9.00

2005 75.20 9.00

2010 115.00 9.00

after more than 20 years of efforts, China's packaging industry has undergone fundamental changes and the level of packaging technology has been greatly improved. However, on the whole, there is still a big gap between China's packaging industry and the level of industrial developed countries. According to relevant information, in 1998, the world's total packaging output value was nearly 551.2 billion US dollars. In that year, the total packaging consumption of the United States and Japan were 137.8 billion US dollars and 77.2 billion US dollars respectively, and the per capita packaging consumption was 463 US dollars and 617 US dollars respectively. In the same period, the per capita packaging consumption of China was only 150 RMB, less than 20 US dollars, only 4% of that of the United States and 2% of that of Japan

under the circumstances of national macro-control policies and market liberalization and revitalization, China's economy will always maintain a sustained, rapid, healthy and stable development momentum. According to China's current economic development speed and China's long-term development plan, by 2010, China's industrial and agricultural GDP will double from $100 billion in 2000 to $200 billion. According to the current development speed of China's packaging industry, the corresponding output value of the packaging industry will reach US $100billion. The development of packaging industry first needs the development of packaging machinery automation. Packaging machinery is the priority development focus of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". Packaging machinery will have a faster development in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" by establishing an experimental field of 5 mu in North 510jiazi Town, Pingquan County

at present, the main problems affecting the development of China's packaging industry are: the product structure and industrial layout are not reasonable, and medium and low-grade products and equipment account for a large proportion; The government and enterprises have insufficient investment in R & D funds, the industrial technology level is not high, and the packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials with high performance requirements mainly rely on imports; The scale of the enterprise is small, the benefit is poor, the industrial concentration is low, and the competitive strength is not strong; The laws and regulations are not perfect, and the standard level lags behind. This situation is difficult to meet the needs of modern packaging industry to develop towards high technology, internationalization, scale and environmental protection, and cannot meet the needs of China's sustained, healthy, stable and rapid economic development for the packaging industry, and cannot meet the needs of China's products to participate in the international cycle

important problems in China's packaging machinery: most of the packaging machinery and equipment are imported and copied, and few really have independent intellectual property rights. Packaging machinery enterprises are small in scale, imperfect in technical equipment, low in management level, weak in self-development and technical design and development, and single in product variety. The technical content and added value of the product are low; The development cycle of new products is long, which can not respond to the needs of the market in time and provide the required products for the market and users. The main energy of enterprises is spent on the expansion of quantity. The investment in the improvement of quality and scientific and technological progress is seriously insufficient. The products are repeated at a low level. Many enterprises produce the same products, so many products cannot be sold. Low price competition has threatened the survival of enterprises. In addition, the product safety protection measures are poor and the safety awareness is not strong

According to statistics, in 2003, China's pharmaceutical industry completed a total of 117.9 billion yuan of industrial added value (including 109.8 billion yuan in pharmaceutical manufacturing), an increase of 19.6% year-on-year; The pharmaceutical industry achieved a total sales revenue of 296.2 billion yuan (including 275.1 billion yuan in pharmaceutical manufacturing), an increase of 19.2% year-on-year. The huge impact of human life on medicine has made its industry develop rapidly in China in recent years. With the rapid development of China's economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of medical expenses caused by population aging, the strengthening of new drug development, the acceleration of the reform of the medical security system and the expansion of medical insurance for urban residents, the pharmaceutical industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth

the current problems of pharmaceutical packaging in China are similar to those of other product packaging. The overall technical level of the pharmaceutical packaging material industry is not high, and the grade is low, which is far behind developed countries. The contribution rate of packaging quality and packaging to the pharmaceutical industry rather than tailored according to the unique body structure of each patient is low. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of pharmaceutical products, while China has only 10%. It should be said that all these problems are related to the low degree of automation of pharmaceutical packaging in China. Accelerating the development of pharmaceutical packaging automation in China is the need to implement the scientific concept of development and promote the rapid, stable and healthy development of China's pharmaceutical industry. With the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry and packaging industry, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry will have a faster growth rate

China's pharmaceutical industry has made great achievements. The United States has 260million people, and its structure is aging, while China has 1.3 billion people. Although the current overall consumption level is not comparable to that of the United States, it is developing rapidly, and China's population is also aging. It can be predicted that once the Chinese market matures, it will be huge and diverse, and its scale will be several times that of the United States! Although it is still far from this goal, multinational pharmaceutical companies have come to China one after another. According to relevant reports, the world's leading 25 pharmaceutical enterprises have entered China. Together with countless domestic enterprises, they are not only competing locally, but also committed to product export

Third, explore and innovate, and strive to improve the level of packaging automation in China

foreign pharmaceutical products and enterprises entering the Chinese market have not only enriched the Chinese pharmaceutical market, provided more drugs for the medical and health industry, but also brought advanced pharmaceutical packaging concepts and standards, and promoted the development of the domestic pharmaceutical packaging industry. Driven by China's huge pharmaceutical market, some major domestic packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises have actively developed and focused on the development of new products and technologies of thermoplastic elastomer materials, and introduced advanced fully automatic pharmaceutical packaging machinery. Such as PTP blister packaging machinery, automatic capsule filling machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, automatic cartoning machine and other automatic packaging machinery and equipment

1. Standardize the packaging and promote the improvement of the automation level of drug production. Many countries have formulated product packaging laws, especially for pharmaceutical packaging. Because it is directly related to human health and the shelf life of drugs, they have formulated strict technical regulations, and passed the product certification of national testing centers or central laboratories to ensure product quality and safety. The "management of drug packaging" in China's "Drug Administration Law" has made special provisions on the packaging of drugs. The packaging materials and containers that directly contact drugs must meet the pharmaceutical requirements, comply with the labels that protect human health and safety, and be approved by the drug supervision and administration department at the same time of approval. In order to strengthen the supervision and management of drug production enterprises and ensure the quality of drug production, China implements the GMP certification system for drug production. The standardization of laws and the establishment of quality evaluation system are the favorable conditions to promote the automatic production of pharmaceutical production in China. In order to improve the level of drug production and enhance the value of drugs, we must speed up the formulation and revision of China's drug packaging standards, learn from international advanced standards, improve China's standardization level, and promote the process of China's packaging machinery and packaging automation

2. Strengthen research and development and improve the automation of pharmaceutical packaging equipment in China

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