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Machine vision makes the operation of products easier

the production and management of food and drugs are related to human life and health. If human life is threatened due to the quality problems of food or drugs, it will be a great disaster. Therefore, all drug manufacturers, especially the world-famous manufacturers, have paid great attention to the whole production process and even the back packaging of drugs

Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd. has good cooperation with many world-renowned pharmaceutical companies and food packaging manufacturers all over the world. Bonner can provide complete solutions for blister packaging of drugs, filling of liquid food, capping, labeling, inkjet coding of the rear section, and final packaging testing. At the same time, Bonner has also recently introduced an application example of P5 IVU image sensor in the detection of objects in packaging boxes

drugs in the pharmaceutical industry ultimately need to be boxed, and each packaging box must be accompanied by the instructions of the drug

install the IVU image sensor above the packaging line to ensure that there is a manual in each packaging box. Set the match tool to detect. The match tool can search the tested object within a 360 range. Therefore, the manual in the medicine box can be placed at any angle, but the surface must face up. When it is detected that there is no instruction in the kit, the sensor will send a fail signal to the production line to remove the kit

similarly, Bonner's IVU image sensor can also be flexibly applied to the packaging box production line in food packaging inspection. It can be used for testing. The packaging process was from 1970s to 1990s, gerber (Gerber) studied the effect of average stress on fatigue strength and proposed Gerbert parabolic equation, Goodman, British (Goodman) proposed the famous simplified linear Goodman graph of object states. An internationally renowned milk powder production enterprise has adopted Bonner IVU products to detect whether there are spoons and seals in the milk powder box. During the detection process, the ivup5 visual sensor screen can clearly identify the presence or absence of spoons in the milk powder box, and other forms, so that the packaging products are qualified

the above is an example of the application of IVU image sensor in the detection of items in typical packaging boxes in food and drug production. The traditional visual camera is large in size and needs to be set by computer when changing the environmental operation. In response to the market demand for visual cameras in China, Bonner has developed a new sensor, IVU, which is easy to operate and does not need to be set by PC. Its small size, powerful function and unique appearance are especially suitable for occasions where ordinary photoelectric sensors cannot solve problems. The visual inspection scheme mainly includes two aspects: Hardware - camera, controller, light source and bracket; Software - control system, graphical user interface (GUI) and image analysis algorithm. Bonner provides all these successful visual inspection solutions and technical support for food and drug manufacturers all over the world

Figure 1. IVU image sensor detects whether there is a manual in the kit

and Bonner products are also widely used in label inkjet detection. Due to the large size of traditional visual cameras, computers are required to set when changing environmental operations. According to the market demand of China's visual camera, Bonner IVU image sensor is small in size, powerful in function and unique in appearance design. It is suitable for occasions where ordinary photoelectric sensors cannot solve problems

in the production process of all food and beverage, it is required that there must be date/label inkjet information on the package, which requires a cost-effective method to ensure the existence of inkjet information

set the match tool of IVU to detect whether there is code spraying information on each package and whether the code spraying information is correct. It communicates through the serial port (COM port) on the back of the accounting machine First, grab a standard inkjet image as a template, and compare the surface of each packaging box with the template in the detection process. When the sensor has high accuracy and there is no inkjet information on the surface of the packaging box or the information is wrong, send a fail signal to the production line to remove the product

in the same way, IVU image sensor can also be used to detect whether there is printing on the label of paint bucket. Take the paint bucket labeling machine on the production line of paint production as an example. Sometimes there is no printing on the label on the equipment. The effective solution is to detect it through IVU image sensor equipment and output switching signal alarm to prompt the operator

the IVU image sensor, which is simple to operate and easy to use, is a new generation of visual camera with high cost performance, which was strongly launched by Bonner company in 2009. Once launched in the European and American markets, it has been warmly pursued by the majority of partners and users

Figure 2 IVU image sensor is aimed at the combination of kitchen grade sunflower oil/label inkjet detection in the company's new luxury travel tire primacy mxm4 by Michelin North America company.

ivu visual products are widely used. In addition to some applications in date/label inkjet detection, IVU machine vision is used in blister packaging detection, syringe detection, IV package detection, blister detection There are very mature applications in many industries, such as electronic component identifier detection and nut welding. Simple operation (with touch screen, you can complete the program setting without PC) and high cost performance (integrating three detection functions - Graphic matching, area and area with positioning function)) are the most prominent features of this product. Its unique design completely gets rid of the shackles of PC computer. Users only need to click on the integrated touch screen to complete the program setting. The operation is extremely simple and convenient, So that any user can easily master the complex machine vision system and truly realize "visual simplification"

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