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Machine vision 3D Scanner Camera: equip industrial robots with "golden eyes"

machine vision 3D Scanner Camera: equip industrial robots with "golden eyes"

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original title: machine vision 3D Scanner Camera: equip industrial robots with "golden eyes"

with the upgrading and transformation of automation, industrial robots are more and more widely used in manufacturing, logistics and other fields. We can see industrial robots working meticulously everywhere in factories, and 3D vision is the "eye" of industrial robots, It has become a key factor affecting the application and performance of industrial robots

therefore, the importance of 3D vision can be seen. The high-precision compact 3D camera has become a favorite in the industrial field. Bozhong's 3D SCA, such as the nner camera between 11V and 32V, just integrates the above advantages

3D Scanner Camera

product parameters EPS board "Rongsheng" ideal material for external insulation system

product advantages

high precision

sensor is equipped with 5million pixel imaging chip, which can realize high-precision and full field three-dimensional measurement of objects with different characteristics through one scan

fast detection

under the condition of full field of vision, the sensor can reach a scanning speed of 3Hz

easy to use

3d Scanner Camera's built-in graphical image interface provides users with a very intuitive user experience as raw materials for beauty, nursing and other products. There is no need to install additional software

industrial housing, compact and lightweight

3d scanner camera has a small shape and light weight, which makes it very easy to install in a narrow space or on a manipulator

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