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Machine vision enables garbage classification, and North China industrial control embedded computer can provide hardware assistance

with the iterative upgrading of science and technology, garbage classification, which has caused heated discussion and headache in recent years, has gradually been solved by intelligent means. For example, the garbage sorting robot based on machine vision technology can effectively reduce manual input and improve recognition efficiency, so it is favored by the market

machine vision and garbage classification

since garbage classification began to be popularized nationwide, the people have fallen into the dilemma of being confused with dry garbage, wet garbage, recyclable garbage and hazardous garbage, resulting in low efficiency of manual classification, wrong delivery and other problems. The machine based on artificial intelligence 4. The interface on the plug-in controller must be turned off. The vision system technology continues to improve. It can achieve a higher level of pattern recognition and resource utilization when applied to the implementation of the garbage partial pressure experimental machine, which has developed rapidly in recent years. It has attracted the technology of many high-tech enterprises, and then divide the peel strength of each punctuation by the width of each punctuation

ai garbage sorting robot

at present, AI garbage sorting robot is widely used for garbage classification based on machine vision technology. It is mainly composed of machine learning software, image database, built-in visual sensor, embedded hardware, machine arm, etc. it integrates visual system, artificial intelligence and computer control technology. It can quickly collect visual information of objects, identify objects in real time based on visual analysis system, so as to judge the composition, size, value and other parameters of objects. Finally, the machine arm performs accurate positioning and other sorting operations, It is convenient, efficient and accurate in classification

North China industrial control believes that the role of machine vision technology in AI waste sorting robots is inevitable for the advancement of science and technology and the construction of intelligent environmental protection. AI is changing people's production and life. As an important technical carrier of AI waste sorting robot, embedded computer plays an important role in ensuring the realization of its intelligent functions

North China industrial control machine vision computer product plan

North China industrial control is the industry's special-purpose computer leader. Relying on a strong R & D team and the cooperation of the machine vision industry, it has launched a series of high-reliability, high-quality, high-performance special-purpose computer product plans for the machine vision industry, which can meet the various technical demands of AI waste sorting robots

North China industrial control machine vision system block diagram

North China industrial control can provide diversified embedded industrial motherboards for machine vision technology applications. The product adopts Intel smart core, small size, high integration, built-in high-speed memory, has rich network/expansion interfaces, supports independent dual display, and supports high-speed data and information transmission. The product is built in strict accordance with industrial standards, and has the advantages of low power consumption, high reliability, high expansion, etc., which can be used for machine vision Industrial automation applications provide perfect hardware, which is also an important intention solution for our friction and wear testing machine to hold this seminar

North China industrial control has an embedded quasi system that can be specially used for machine vision technology applications such as AI waste sorting robots. The product provides rich and powerful functional interfaces, supports independent dual display, network wake-up function, 3g/4g module/msata/wireless card, and has a flexible network application environment. The product adopts fan free design, which is anti-seismic, dust-proof, and has excellent anti Strike ability and environmental adaptability. It can help customers achieve perfect applications in machine vision, intelligent industry and other fields

as the processing center of the global manufacturing industry, China is gradually becoming one of the most active markets for machine vision development in the world. North China industrial control is committed to the field of machine vision with the power of industrial control, and can provide leading computer product solutions for the machine vision system industry

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