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Low cost industrial chain mergers and acquisitions in the machine tool industry can turn danger into opportunity

on October 18, Germany tongkuai group, the world's first manufacturer of CNC sheet metal machine tools, entered Jiangsu Jinfangyuan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in Hanjiang District of Yangzhou by injecting 72% equity

at present, Germany tongkuai has installed more than 2000 machine tools in China. On the surface, its technical strength is far ahead of any domestic machine tool manufacturer. However, their current product prices are as high-end as technology, and in the Chinese market, high-end machine tools account for only a small proportion, which makes tongkuai group have to seek new strategies in China to enter the middle-end market with concentrated customers. Mi Zhongye, chairman of Jinfangyuan, said that the German side is interested in the position of Jinfangyuan in the domestic mid-range market

the domestic market share of Jinfangyuan cutting middle-end CNC machine tools ranks among the top five in the industry, and it is also the one with small assets among the top five enterprises. For the purpose of cooperation, Kamler, chairman of the board of directors of TRUMPF Germany, said frankly: we will be able to provide customers with products from the same enterprise group and meet the needs of customers at different levels. This advantage will ensure that we are ahead of our competitors

a large number of comments appeared on the day of the announcement of the cooperation. Some opinions believe that with the cooperation with foreign enterprises, Jinfangyuan has expanded international sales channels and realized the appreciation of enterprise assets and brand value. There are also opinions that the localization strategy of world machine tool manufacturers will accelerate the domestic market to be occupied by foreign parties, and domestic peers should be vigilant. We have noticed that many people in China's machine tool industry believe that the cooperation to a greater extent means that the wolf is coming. The reason for concern is the way of cooperation between the two sides this time. It is understood that although tongkuai group absolutely controls this time, it will still retain the space for the independent operation of Jinfangyuan brand and Jinfangyuan company in the future operation, and the two sides are not interconnected technically

this is actually a dual brand operation strategy: on the one hand, use the reputation and influence of tongkuai group to enhance user loyalty; On the other hand, with the help of the local Jinfangyuan brand, it retains its appeal in the mid-range market, which has a great impact on other competitors. Moreover, the cutting-edge technologies of foreign enterprises are not exchanged, and they still form technological repression against domestic peers. A local machine tool manufacturer in Hanjiang told that in many applications, machine tool equipment does not require extremely cutting-edge and accurate technology, "Chen Yanwen believes, but requires the use cost of equipment to match the output benefits, which was previously a weakness of foreign counterparts and the reason why domestic middle-end machine tool manufacturers can develop rapidly. However, after the formation of such cooperation, this has become the advantage of foreign enterprises. In addition to cutting-edge technology, German tongkuai and other foreign counterparts also have advanced manufacturing and after-sales management systems, which can accurately process or timely distribute any spare parts and accessories according to customer requirements, which is difficult for Chinese manufacturers to achieve

Chinese machine tool enterprises should learn from the practices of world excellent enterprises in coping with the crisis. Liu Zhiwei, a lawyer from Jiangsu Shili law firm, believes that since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the world machine tool market has been in a continuous downturn, and foreign enterprises, mainly in the high-end market, have actually been more severely affected than Chinese enterprises. However, they are good at seizing the opportunity of the decline in the market value of domestic machine tool manufacturers to implement low-cost mergers and acquisitions in the industrial chain, which has achieved low-cost and stable mass production costs of graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, and seize the opportunity to expand themselves The opportunity to surpass the opponent. In the face of the downturn, many domestic enterprises have chosen to abandon the real economy and turn to virtual economy such as cash out, lending, bonds and so on. Which is better or worse, the market will soon give the answer

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