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Machine vision technology and robot picking cotton skillfully

robot technology is a comprehensive technology. As a typical representative of advanced manufacturing technology, robot is an important modern manufacturing automation equipment integrating machinery, electronics, control, computer, sensor, artificial intelligence and other multidisciplinary advanced technologies

in recent years, with the continuous expansion of human activities, the application field of robot technology is also expanding. Industries such as ocean development, space exploration, mining, construction, medical treatment, agriculture and forestry, services, entertainment and so on have put forward the requirements of automation and robotics. Industrial robots have been widely used in the fields of automobiles and parts, motorcycles, engineering machinery, low-voltage electrical appliances, tobacco, chemical industry, military industry and so on

foreign machine vision systems are used in many aspects, such as underwater robots for offshore oil exploration and seabed exploration; Medical robots for medical surgery and research; Space robots that help humans understand the universe; Nuclear industrial robots that complete special tasks. Although there is still a certain gap between the development of machine vision in China and the world advanced level, the research and development of machine vision system has also achieved some results

it is understood that Nanjing Agricultural University has recently developed a robot capable of picking cotton by using machine vision technology, making another breakthrough in robot technology in China

picking cotton is both time-consuming and laborious. Xinjiang Construction Corps grows 7million mu of cotton every year, and pays nearly 400million picking fees for picking cotton every year. It can be said that the cost of manual cotton picking is quite large. As the first cotton picking robot in China, once the field test is successful, it will be popularized and applied to major cotton producing areas in China, which will save a lot of human and material resources, save costs and improve production efficiency

according to the professor of Agricultural University, although the efficiency of mechanical cotton picking can be improved a lot, Hrk is easy to cause the embarrassment of combining the advantages and disadvantages of cotton, so the effect of mechanical cotton picking may not be completely satisfactory due to the slippage of ordinary machines. The cotton picking robot based on machine vision technology is much smarter and more sensitive than ordinary picking machines. When the robot is actually picking, the industrial camera in its eyes and the image acquisition card begin to operate, collect cotton images, conduct image processing and analysis, and locate the coordinate position of cotton. After approaching the plant, the robot completes the cotton picking action through the rotation of the manipulator joint. Through the industrial camera in the eye, the robot can also identify which fields have good cotton quality and which fields have poor cotton quality, and classify the harvested cotton into high, medium and low-grade warehouses. Cotton that grows too badly is usually ignored

with the development of machine vision technology, it can only drive the development of intelligent robot technology itself, but also lead the development and expansion of other related high-tech. At present, more and more enterprises are introducing advanced machinery and equipment to alleviate the shortage of labor and improve production efficiency. Robot technology is also developing in the direction of intelligence and automatic tracking and measurement of multi torque, axial force value and changing angle, providing technical support for related industries

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