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Machinery accessories "aging" construction machinery where is the way out

where is the way out for "aging" construction machinery

Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information

a few years ago, after a period of rapid development, the disadvantages of overcapacity, stimulated inventory and high standards of enterprise accounts receivable in the construction machinery parts industry have emerged one by one. These sequelae undoubtedly hindered the development pace of the construction machinery parts industry, The process is as follows: the refrigerant is adiabatically compressed to a higher pressure by the compressor. The root of the problem lies in the construction machinery design

in the past few years, after a period of rapid development of the construction machinery parts industry, the disadvantages of overcapacity, stimulated inventory and high standards of enterprise accounts receivable have emerged one by one. These sequelae undoubtedly restrict the development pace of the construction machinery parts industry, and the root causes of these problems lie in the aging of construction machinery equipment, technology, and even the aging of enterprise development mode, So how to get rid of the aging phenomenon of construction machinery accessories has also become an urgent problem to be solved in the industry

the "aging" of construction machinery parts has brought infinite crisis

now construction machinery has become more and more common in work, and the aging problem of key parts, components and steel is even more inevitable. These products become particularly dangerous when working, and these factors have brought more potential safety hazards to our lives

the "aging" problem of technology also has to be looked at directly. We have to admit that there is a large gap between domestic and international machinery parts enterprises, but we can't simply say that the products produced by private machinery parts enterprises have low technical content. The domestic whole vehicle has only started for 20 years, and the starting time of machinery parts enterprises is not much different. In the future, mechanical parts enterprises need to have the ability to cooperate with vehicle manufacturers to develop new products at the same time, which is also the market trend for mechanical parts enterprises to become stronger in the future

in addition, at present, there are still some prominent problems in China's construction machinery parts industry. At present, the biggest difficulty in Mongolia China trade is the transportation problem, such as the imbalance of industry input and output; The product inventory is large, and it will take time to digest; The independent innovation ability of some enterprises needs to be strengthened, and the product quality needs to be improved; The export momentum of products is very good, but compared with international advanced peers, the weight of export products is still relatively small, and it is difficult to form export advantages. From this point of view, the current construction machinery parts industry can be described as "internal troubles and foreign aggression". At the same time, the pace of "aging" has never stopped. Although the construction machinery industry has shown signs of recovery recently, it can only be called "slow progress in aging"

India and Pakistan market is hot. Can domestic engineering accessories be calmly right

when the domestic construction machinery accessories market continued to be in the "trough" period, the Indian and Pakistani markets brought some dawn to domestic construction machinery enterprises. For a time, international markets such as India and Pakistan seemed to become the "hot goods" of domestic construction machinery enterprises. However, on the whole, the situation of insufficient foreign demand has not fundamentally changed, and the pressure on the development of foreign trade has not been fundamentally relieved. Although the international environment has improved slightly, it seems difficult for the market to recover significantly during the year. Obviously, the rising internal labor costs, environmental resource constraints, RMB appreciation and other factors still pose great challenges and pressures for export enterprises. Some insiders admitted that China's construction machinery accessories market is still in difficulties at home and abroad, and it is difficult for the composition of steel bar bending testing machine to reproduce the continuous high growth trend of previous years in a short time

just like the aging population, the gradual trend of "aging" in the construction machinery parts market has become a reality. From the current development situation of the industry at home and abroad, it will take time to improve. To fundamentally solve the problem, in addition to policy support and the improvement of the domestic and foreign market environment, it is more necessary for the decision-makers of construction machinery parts enterprises to be more flexible

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