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Machine vision injects vitality and value into printing machinery

Hairun, with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing printing machinery, may be the first printing machinery manufacturer to eat the crab of machine vision. The jp920 printing quality inspection machine they launched is a printing defect inspection system developed by using the latest machine vision technology. Through high-precision and high-speed inspection of printing products, it can not only detect unqualified products, but also automatically remove and clean up unqualified products, completely eliminating human errors and avoiding losses caused by printing defects. With this product, Hairun has won four national patents and achieved considerable commercial success. Machine vision not only improves the quality of printing machinery, but also improves the market value of the product itself, but also brings new competitiveness to Hairun. Interviewed Mr. Yang Xiaogang, chairman and general manager of Shanghai Hairun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd

Hairun printing machine: China's printing machine industry leader

in 1996, 50 year old Yang Xiaogang and his partners jointly established Shanghai Hairun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. With years of experience and understanding in the field of printing machinery manufacturing, design and production, and with confidence and courage in the future prospects of printing machinery manufacturing, they began to soar after completely getting rid of the shackles of the system

In the past 11 years, Shanghai Hairun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has grown into a well-known high-tech enterprise in the field of printing machinery in China. It has launched four series of printing machines with nine specifications, including flat sheet gravure printing machine, full-automatic circular hot stamping machine, flexographic local polishing machine, flat platen automatic die-cutting machine, and print quality inspection machine, all of which are at the upstream level of domestic printing manufacturing, Among them, JP series is the first to use machine vision technology in domestic printing machinery

Mr. Yang Xiaogang, chairman and general manager of Shanghai Hairun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., is 60 years old. He is an assembler and has more than 40 years of printing machinery. 1. Jinan assaying reminds you that you must check whether the line is in good condition before testing. His experience is one of the legends of Chinese entrepreneurs. Perhaps the success behind all legends has its own reasons that have to be admitted. The low-key Yang Xiaogang said in an interview that at the beginning of their entrepreneurship, one of the reasons why they decided to take the route of high-end products was to aim at the world level represented by world-renowned printing machinery manufacturers such as boster and Roland

the wy1920 split sheet monochrome gravure printer and wy21040 split sheet data processing part change experiment launched in recent years can transmit the torque and torsion angle to the experimental machine in real time through the serial port and output the data to the measurement interface. The two-color (multi-color) gravure printer and tyy series full automatic circular press and hot stamping machine, rsg1020/920 flexographic local polishing machine, mq1020 flat press automatic die-cutting machine, jp920 print quality inspection machine, This series of high-end products with excellent quality are all the crystallization of their careful design. Their exquisite technology and perfect quality have not only been recognized by the domestic printing industry, but also impressed overseas manufacturers. We didn't hear their strong words, but we have seen that they have walked out of a path of innovation in Chinese printing machinery. Because of this, we found that the seemingly accidental application of machine vision is actually the inevitable choice made by those who have been on the road of innovation

machine vision: unexpected beauty

it is not difficult to feel Yang Xiaogang's sincere gratitude to customers and partners when he meets with machine vision. Since the establishment of Hairun, several of their products have successfully entered Shanghai Tobacco printing plant under Shanghai Tobacco Group. The biggest feature of Hairun is not only that it can provide high-quality and technologically superior printing machinery, but also that it is famous in the industry for its sincere and trustworthy customer service and technical support. Because of this, the user needs of Shanghai Tobacco printing factory, large and small, can always be reflected in the innovation process of Hairun at the first time. At the beginning of 2004, Shanghai Tobacco printing factory saw a printing inspection machine with machine vision inspection system in Japan, but it was expensive. After they came back, their first reaction was to find Hairun, ask them to build the same machine, and introduce them to a Japanese printing inspection solution supplier. Yang Xiaogang quickly organized personnel to investigate. Based on the idea of smoking and the proposed scheme, after a series of certification, Hairun believed that the scheme was feasible, that is, the Japanese enterprise provided the printing detection solution, and Hairun was responsible for the design of the mechanical system. The project was officially launched in April, 2004

In May, Yang Xiaogang went to Germany to participate in the world-famous drupa printing machinery exhibition. Yang Xiaogang, who goes every year, found that the machine vision printing inspection system, which had never been exhibited before, actually surfaced this time. In this way, they not only saw the market prospect of this product, but also had a more intuitive understanding of the structural design of this product from the perspective of experts. Soon after returning to China, Hairun's first print quality inspection machine, namely the large print quality inspection machine, was born and soon sent to Shanghai Tobacco printing factory for trial use

everything has a process. Through the continuous running in between Hairun and Shangyan and that Japanese enterprise, Hairun printing mouth quality inspection machine can not only increasingly meet the needs of Shanghai Tobacco printing factory, but also the product itself is becoming more and more mature. The increasingly mature understanding of machine vision technology also makes Hairun start to have great confidence. In 2005, Shanghai Tobacco printing factory ordered the second large print quality inspection machine, and then put forward the demand for small print quality inspection. The printing machine is mainly divided into drum paper machine and flat paper machine. Flat sheet refers to the full open of the flat paper machine, and those less than the full open are four open, six open and eight open. Large sheet detection is commonly known in the printing industry as web detection. Its detection purpose is to track, record and mark defects after they are automatically detected by the machine vision system. The removal work has to be done manually. Small sheets are commonly referred to as flat sheets. Different from large sheet detection system, waste paper must be removed after small sheet detection

with the impression of the drupa exhibition in May, 2005, Hairun actually developed a small print quality inspection machine the following year, which was officially launched at the 2006 all print exhibition. This machine can check a lot of contents, including flying ink, knife wire, color difference, missing printing, bad chromatic registration, dirt and other bad prints. It not only has the detection function, but also can complete the functions of eliminating waste sheets, counting, regional print quality control and so on. Yang Xiaogang told in the interview that MV has been used in foreign web printing machines for many years. However, in the field of flat paper detection, the printing quality inspection machine with detection and removal function has not appeared in the market. At present, the flat sheet printing machine is the mainstream product in the printing market. Therefore, the significance of Hairun's first introduction of the flat sheet printing quality inspection machine jp420 has become extraordinary. In 2006, the product won four national invention patents at one stroke. Innovation is like wings. The competitiveness obtained through core technology is the strong driving force for enterprises to fly high after all

win win cooperation: the successfully applied base core

machine vision is not a simple technology. In fact, all related fields triggered by machine vision must form a special industrial chain. The core significance of the industrial chain is that any company related to machine vision must learn to integrate all resources such as technology and market for the entire upstream and downstream resources. If so, it can achieve a certain commercial success. Hairun is a smart enterprise that understands this hidden rule

in the interview, Yang Xiaogang had a deep understanding of the process of introducing machine vision technology into Hairun, the main technical bottlenecks encountered in the process and the solutions. He said that the mutual technical understanding of machine vision component suppliers, solution suppliers and printing machinery manufacturers is the biggest bottleneck for the successful application of machine vision. The reason is very simple. Yang Xiaogang said: people who understand machine vision components do not necessarily understand machine vision solutions. People who understand machine vision solutions do not necessarily understand printing machinery. Information asymmetry

is the biggest obstacle between machine vision suppliers, OEMs and end users. Therefore, the success of each project actually depends on the successful cooperation

he said that both sides of the cooperation must start from each other's specific conditions and meet each other's needs for product structure in terms of design with a serious and learning attitude. If you want to provide machine vision that can be installed on my printing machine, I also have to consider giving you enough space and conditions to enable your machine vision system to display its talents. Both parties must meet the needs of the other party, understand the other party as much as possible, start from the actual situation of the other party in their own design, and meet the structural ready-made conditions of the other party. Either party should have a sincerity that would rather sacrifice itself than consider the other party. Yang Xiaogang said in the interview. And for those special designs that really can't meet each other, we also have to explain and explain clearly with each other, so that we can understand each other, and then we can really understand each other. Yang Xiaogang said that it was with this starting point that our printing quality inspection machine was successful

in the process of developing its printing quality inspection machine, Hairun has cooperated with machine vision solution suppliers from Japan and Israel as well as local Chinese suppliers such as Daheng image. However, with regard to the experience of Hairun, Yang Xiaogang admitted that they prefer to cooperate with local machine vision companies. One of the biggest reasons is that their technology is not inferior to that of foreign countries, and their service quality is good and their response speed is fast. In the process of cooperation, we should be able to consider each other's needs rather than blindly emphasize our own technologies and solutions. Printing machinery is quite complex. The needs of the domestic printing industry are very different from those of foreign countries. Without the close cooperation of both sides, a good and stable technical alliance cannot be established, or the significance of strategic partnership cannot be reached. The successful application of machine vision in any industry may not produce the most ideal results. This is of great importance to the solution suppliers currently looking forward to the downstream market of machine vision

future market: opportunities and challenges coexist

machine vision has actually brought many benefits to the printing industry. As Yang Xiaogang said in the interview: the original printing factory relied too much on manual detection to ensure the quality of printing products, but human eye detection will produce instability, unreliability and non standardization with people's health, emotion and experience. This is the root cause of many printing quality problems, and the detection efficiency is very low. With the increasing improvement of print inspection quality and printing speed, such as the inspection of high-end cigarette packs and other high-end packaging prints, the human eye is far from meeting the requirements of production. The benefits of machine vision are obvious. Because of this, the greatest value of machine vision technology is that it not only greatly ensures the reduction of the missing inspection rate of printed products, but also reduces the cost of printing enterprises. At the same time, it also meets the requirements of constantly accelerating the printing speed and shortening the production cycle of printing enterprises. However, its greater significance lies in printing

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