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The compound growth rate of machine tool industry in the next five years is 25% to 30%. The level of machine tool industry essentially reflects the industrial level of a country. Professor yushengmei said that CNC machine tools are known as machine tools for high-end equipment manufacturing industry, but our country still has a great demand for low-end machine tools, which shows that the industrial level is not as good as that of foreign industrial developed countries

The backwardness of machine tool industry is caused by many factors. Yu shengmei analyzed that the technology of China's machine tool industry mainly came from the help of technicians from the former Soviet Union in the 1950s and 1960s, but since then, due to problems such as treatment, the loss of researchers in the machine tool industry has been very fast and the cohesion is insufficient. The long-term backwardness has caused domestic enterprises to prefer to spend more money on foreign products to meet their own needs. It will take at least decades of accumulation to change the current situation

however, the huge demand of the machine tool industry is close at hand. The research on machine tool related technology must be practical and take several years. However, some enterprises are very short-sighted. They can't wait to place an order this month and the products will be effective next month. Therefore, they choose to buy foreign products instead of supporting domestic enterprises. Yu shengmei said. In this context, a large number of profits have been seized by foreign industrial developed enterprises. Even if domestic enterprises have developed similar products with the same price, domestic downstream industry enterprises are still willing to choose the products of foreign companies, feeling that the technology is more mature and more assured. Yushengmei told

the report of BOC International also pointed out that as the world's largest machine tool consumer, China's medium and high-end CNC machine tool industry has a seriously low self-sufficiency rate, and there is a large gap with the world's advanced countries in design and research, material technology, parts and components. While benefiting from the national industrial policy and the huge demand of downstream industries, the change has a certain proportion, which has won valuable development opportunities for China's CNC machine tool industry, the continuously improving consumption capacity and the infrastructure construction expedited by the regional revitalization plan. It determines that China's automobile market and construction machinery market will still maintain good growth for a long time, thus determining the good prospects for the growth of China's machine tool market. BOC International said in the report that the material of the final conductor was unqualified

according to the cleaning data, the production and sales growth rate of the machine tool industry has been above 40% since 2010. Galaxy Securities predicts that the compound growth rate of the machine tool industry will be 25% - 30% in the next five years, and medium and high-end CNC machine tools will become the main force of growth. Galaxy Securities explained that, on the one hand, the driving force of growth comes from the continuous upgrading of existing products and the acquisition of international market share. On the other hand, it comes from entering the product areas that the state will focus on from November 2 to 3 through technological research and development and product innovation, forming new growth points

the situation is much better now than before. Yu shengmei said that in the past, the funding allocation for each research was very small, and during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the total scale of research funding allocated by the state to CNC machine tools may reach 10 billion yuan

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