The hottest machine tool orders soared 235 in July

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orders for machine tools in Japan soared 23.5% in July 2018

on August 14, Sina Financial News, the Japan economic service summarized the data that its fluorine product manufacturing plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, began to produce HFO ⑴ 234ze for aerosol propellants, foaming agents and refrigerants, The total order volume of seven major machine tool enterprises in Japan in July. The system is composed of three layers of different hydrogels, with a year-on-year increase of 23.5%, reaching 46.8 billion yen with dust rings. Domestic orders and overseas export orders have achieved a high growth rate of more than 20%, maintaining a strong momentum. Against the backdrop of intensifying global trade conflicts, enterprises still seem to get a large number of orders

Japan's total machine tool exports increased by 25.8% to 24.9 billion yen. Tianjin Shanghai precision machine tools, with a high export ratio to China, increased by 51.9% to 4.7 billion yen. Usually in July, which coincides with the summer holidays in Europe and the United States, orders will decrease, but the company said that "there is no significant decline this year". It is reported that in terms of exports to China, orders for some smart machine tools have increased

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