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Which is better to introduce Dell's G5 2020 and HP shadow genie 6plus? What's the difference

Dell's G5 2020 and HP shadow genie 6plus are both popular game books on the market. The main difference is that the appearance color and price are different. Dell's G5 2020 is not particularly good at heat dissipation. HP understands the service life of the test machine equipment. The sound of shadow genie 6plus fan is relatively large, and there is little difference in hardware configuration performance. The game performance is similar. It depends on your favorite appearance and budget, I started with HP shadow genie 6plus. The computer setting is very simple. Log in to the Microsoft account and it will be automatically synchronized. Master Lu scores 500000. This price performance ratio is OK. 300 frames of screen refresh is exquisite, and the top configuration of the game can basically be stable. 120 frames of stable operation, high price performance ratio, as long as it is not a shoe box, I recognize it. To be honest, i7 10 Series CPU is enough, and i9 feels that the price performance ratio is not as good as this

turn to HP shadow because it significantly improves the stiffness and strength performance of the polymer, more friends evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of wizard 6plus, details of

turn to Dell's G5 2020 JD quote and comment details, details of

Dell's G5 2020

HP shadow wizard 6plus

through data collection

I. HP shadow wizard 6plus quote and user comments:

1 Reference price: ¥ 10499.00 (check's latest activity quotation)

2. User comments:

appearance: the appearance looks good, and the workmanship is also very good. The interface is also very comprehensive, that is, if only there were one more USB interface

picture quality: the 300Hz high color gamut screen is very delicate, which fully meets the use

running score evaluation: About 50W for entertainment masters. Others don't bother

running speed: the running speed is high, and the installation and opening of software are very fast

game effect: the game only plays worldofwarcraft special effects, with a maximum of about 100 frames, which is completely enough

HP shadow genie 6plus

II. Dell's G5 2020 quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 5799.00 ( activity quotation link)

2. User comments:

score evaluation: garbage is too bad, is it too bad to lose 8000 yuan of things like this garbage. The screen now has light leakage

packaging protection: the packaging is too junk, 8000 yuan computer

appearance: there is a small scratch, which makes JD self support increasingly unreliable

running speed: OK

game effect: it's extremely hot after playing the game for a few minutes

picture quality: there is light leakage in the picture quality,

Dell G5 2020

Third, summary: which is the best choice

Dell's G5 2020 and HP's shadow wizard 6plus, which have standardized and modular design, are generally suitable for games and high-performance application software, mainly for appearance and heat dissipation. The noise is different. You can start with your favorite brand and appearance

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