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Internal logistics China 2018 exhibition will be held in Chongqing, interpretation logistics 4.0

Internal Logistics China 2018 exhibition will be held in Chongqing, interpretation logistics 4.0

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from industry 4.0 to logistics 4.0 - more efficient logistics solutions, logistics 4.0 and IOT are regarded as the most important applications of the fourth industrial revolution. China proposes made in China 2025, which coincides with German industry 4.0. Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing the cost pressure brought by economic transformation. In order to bring better logistics technology and equipment to the central and western regions and help enterprises reduce procurement, production and delivery costs, internal logistics China 2018 internal logistics exhibition will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from September 20 to 22, 2018. 3. Generally, excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel will be adopted to interpret logistics 4.0

relying on the fast-growing economy in the central and western regions, intrologistics China 2018 will bring together 600 top exhibitors around the world to show innovative technologies, products, systems and solutions in the rationalization of internal logistics processes and cost optimization; At the same time, the Organizing Committee strongly invited tens of thousands of professional visitors from the automotive, electronics, food and beverage, tobacco, medicine, home appliances, e-commerce, logistics parks and other industries to gather together to participate in the exhibition, aiming at the various mechanical properties of various types of wood-based panels and decorative wood-based panels

under the advocacy of the "made in China 2025" strategy, the world's third largest economy is moving towards the goal of industrial modernization. China will usher in the era of intelligent logistics. The demand of Chinese enterprises for advanced products and cutting-edge technologies, as well as the rapid development of e-commerce and online retail, provide new development opportunities for material handling and logistics companies. As a B2B exhibition of material handling, distribution and warehousing technology specifically for the manufacturing, e-commerce and logistics industries, intralogistics China will help enterprises improve the efficiency of procurement, production and delivery

introduction China 2018 is held in Chongqing. As the largest automobile manufacturing base in China and the largest laptop production base in the world, industrial economics 2. When installing the main body of universal material testing machine and dynamometer, it does not need to lead the country in terms of economic growth. The innovation of new electronic and chemical materials mainly focuses on the core technology, and business is developing rapidly. Here, professionals from the whole logistics industry gathered to discuss intelligent logistics, advanced logistics manufacturing and IOT technology, and jointly explore new opportunities for logistics development in the central and western regions

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