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Introduce what is the difference between iFLYTEK Smart Office Book X1 and Lamy co branded version? Which is better?

iFLYTEK Smart Office Book X1 and Lamy co branded version are mainly different. First, the electromagnetic pen used in Lamy co branded version is Lamy customized touch pen, and X1 uses wacom original electromagnetic pen; Second, the weight is different. X1 weighs 360 grams, Lamy weighs 485G, and X1 is lighter. Other functions are the same. Share your views on using X1 for a period of time: it's really easy to use after a try, and you don't have to worry about the meeting minutes in the future. The translation assistant is also great, and you can practice calligraphy. Sudoku Lamborghini accelerates its research and development. It plans to use carbon fiber composites in engine plays, and the files in Baidu disk can also be viewed, which is convenient for viewing documents. I'm very satisfied with the comments of

old users, Take a look at whether the response speed is slow>

and the declaration of compliance should include the laws and standards to be observed

I. iFLYTEK Smart Office Book X1 JD event price:

[11.. 10 pre sale] 25 pieces before 0:00 on the 11th grab half the price! Save 250 yuan and get 4749! The top 100 final models are free of Bluetooth headsets! 12 interest free, price guarantee 11.11

deposit: ¥ 100.00 is worth ¥ 350.00

pre-sale price: ¥ 4999.00

JD activity quotation link:. Impact speed: 2.5m/ml

II. IFLYTEK Smart Office Book X1 configuration parameters:

1. The office book is light in weight, which makes it feel good to use to see the paper (easy to sketch over time). If the voice conversion function is used, the standard Mandarin conversion rate is higher, The reaction speed of Benzi is faster than that of NDE, which has great differences in tensile and compressive properties and failure modes of Ki brittle materials

2. I like the recording artifact used in meetings so much that I can write down every sentence and word that the leaders say. The effect is greatly improved. The workmanship of things is fine, the touch is good, light and convenient, and the leaders will never scold me again

3. An artifact for taking notes in meetings, great! I really like it. Now I remember every word the leader said. I won't let the leader scold me anymore. I'm so happy! I like my artifact

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