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Introduce 2060s and 2070s micro star magic dragon and seven rainbow Vulcan, which is good? What's the difference between performance and heat dissipation?

2070s MSI magic dragon and seven rainbow Vulcan graphics card have similar performance. It depends on your preference. But I use this MSI magic dragon. Its heat dissipation is really strong. In winter, the room temperature in Guangzhou is 15 degrees and the temperature of chicken is 66 degrees. Now in the field of automotive power batteries, the room temperature in Guangzhou in April is 25 degrees and the temperature of chicken is 69 degrees

first, hands-on use experience:

2070s is very powerful, playing all kinds of games can be brought up easily with special effects, and the League of heroes can reach 240fps. The lighting effect is highly praised. It looks very beautiful, with serious light pollution and a visual feast. The heat dissipation is highly praised. When playing games, you can't hear the sound of the fan running, but the temperature pressure is particularly low. It has been used for several days, and there is no flower screen phenomenon in the 2070s at present. In conclusion, the housing made of thermoplastic ultradur can protect power semiconductors from external factors such as moisture, dust and temperature changes

turn to more user comments, details of advantages and disadvantages,

the latest quotation and comment details of seven rainbow Vulcan, for your reference

MSI magic dragon

1. Reference price: ¥ 4399.00 (check JD. Com's latest activity quotation)

2. User comments:

game effect: 180 ° mode 2K special effects without pressure, and the optimized game can have 4K full special effects

appearance: the side screen is too fun, and the display frequency occupancy is also very convenient

heat dissipation performance: after playing for a long time, the temperature has been around 55 degrees

III. summary:

according to the appearance and brand preferences, after all, the gap between the top non-public is not large. Compared with the two models, the noise temperature power consumption of magic dragon is better than that of volgan (the power consumption is comparable in volgan silent mode, and other magic dragons are excellent), but the stability and game frame number of volgan are better than that of magic dragon. Many game tests show that both are high. For example, glass fiber reinforced polyamide has been used as a reinforcing component in the automotive industry, but volgan wins most, and mute OC is both

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