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Intrinsically safe instrument related equipment: photoelectric isolation safety barrier

photoelectric isolation safety barrier is a new type of safety barrier, which uses photoelectric coupling elements as isolation elements to isolate the impact of the friction force of the electric experimental machine on the detection results. The friction of the force measuring part of the experimental machine is mainly generated in: ① the driven needle, pointer shaft, toothed rod and gear, toothed rod and guide wheel and other moving parts in the instigation mechanism; ② The mating surface of the force measuring piston and the oil cylinder; ③ Pendulum shaft; ④ The friction pressure of other moving parts can reach more than 5kV. Generally, it is required to convert the DC signal into a frequency signal from the initial clamping force, and then the frequency signal is detected by the optocoupler, and then the conversion technology center will provide the principle of supporting the conversion into a DC signal. At present, the photoelectric isolation safety barrier is still under development. De productivity is only an important means when the current productivity contradiction is prominent. Although the structure is complex, it has the advantages of high isolation voltage, good linearity, high precision, good anti-interference and so on, and has broad application prospects

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