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Which is better to introduce boss 26a7+32b1/36b0 or boss 67x2h+32b1? What is the difference

boss 26a7+32b1/36b0 and boss 67x2h+32b1 range hoods are two popular models for bosses. The main difference is that the time to market and exhaust air volume are different. This boss 67x2h+32b1 range hoods is newly launched later, and there is little difference in function. Refer to the following hands-on experience, price and configuration introduction, which may help you choose reference

I. boss' range hood 67x2h experience:

first use experience: boss' range hood 67x2h has a good texture at first sight. After using it, I feel that it has strong suction, low noise, a sense of science and technology. At the same time, the color is also relatively matched, and the function is very good. Overall, I am satisfied with it

evaluation after using it for a period of time: profits and taxes of more than 40 million, please click to view the detailed content introduction

II Price quotation of boss range hood 67x2h:

boss 67x2h+32b1 range hood gas stove set meal combination range hood set official flagship home

[at the price] 4099.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 3799.00 yuan


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III. boss range hood 67x2h configuration parameters:

IV.The Boss range hood 67x2h other users' comments:

it took some time to objectively describe it. This range hood has high cost performance, good appearance and strong suction. The sound doesn't feel like a professional name: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer is large, and the installer is very professional and can better meet the customer's requirements. After learning from the relevant departments, the installation of this brand of arbitrary charges is very professional and praised

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