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Interview with Zhao Wei, vice president and Secretary General of China Paper Association release date: Source: China Green Times Author: Zhang Hui

the just concluded central economic work conference proposed that the core of doing a good job of economic work in 2014 is to adhere to seeking progress in stability, reform and innovation. Reform has once again become a key word for China's future development

2014 is also a new key year for the paper industry with the rapid development of Internet. In the new year, whether the prosperity of the paper industry can rise, how much profit growth space is there, and what highlights will appear have become issues of general concern to industry insiders

on January 6, Zhao Wei, vice president and Secretary General of China Paper Association, was interviewed on June 22, asking him to forecast the situation of the paper industry in 2014

prediction 1: production growth continues to slow down

Zhao Wei believes that if the macroeconomic situation does not change much, the growth of domestic paper and paperboard production and consumption in 2014 will continue to slow down in line with the situation in 2013

at present, China's paper industry is entering a new stage of transformation and is willing to actively participate in the initiative level development of building the Silk Road Economic Belt proposed by China. Due to the slowdown of economic growth and market demand, the phased surplus of some products has intensified the market competition of paper products. In addition, factors such as the rise of major production factors of enterprises have squeezed the profit space of enterprises, and the number of enterprises with production and operation difficulties has increased

the paper industry is facing the pressure of slowing market demand and structural and phased overcapacity. The market price trend of most paper and paperboard products was basically high in 2013 and low in 2013, generally running at a low level

The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee established the guiding ideology and general goal of comprehensively deepening reform. With the implementation of various measures one by one, the domestic economic development prospects will be better, which is expected to stimulate and boost the market. It is expected that the performance of the paper and paperboard Market in 2014 will show a trend of low before high

prediction 2: the pressure on enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions increases

in 2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of three batches of enterprises with backward production capacity to be eliminated in the industrial industry, of which the paper industry involves more enterprises, a total of 341

in recent years, the national policy on environmental protection has become stricter as a whole. In addition to the original cod and BOD indicators, ammonia nitrogen indicators and boiler denitration requirements have been added to the emission control of paper production. At present, a considerable number of enterprises cannot meet the requirements of the new environmental protection standards. Enterprises' increasing investment in environmental protection will inevitably lead to higher production and operation costs, and further increase the pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction

the central economic work conference proposed six major tasks for economic work this year, one of which is to vigorously adjust the industrial structure. To vigorously adjust the industrial structure is to focus on resolving overcapacity and implementing innovation driven development, unswervingly resolve overcapacity, implement the central government's decision and deployment to resolve overcapacity, and adhere to the survival of the fittest through market competition. The fundamental way to resolve overcapacity is innovation

in order to meet the new requirements of resolving the contradiction of overcapacity and air pollution prevention, the state will continue to strengthen the elimination of backward production capacity in the paper industry and vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction. It is the general trend to take the path of green and sustainable development

prediction 3: the international trade frictions of paper products are increasing

at present, the ghost of trade protectionism is frequently flashing under the shadow of the global economic recession

with the growth of China's total production of paper and paperboard, the improvement of product quality, the increase of flammable polymers, the increase of varieties, and the increase of export volume, the restrictions from abroad are also gradually increasing. In recent years, the traditional paper production enterprises all over the world are facing great challenges to the export growth of China's paper products, and have taken restrictive measures to set up barriers and restrict the export of China's paper products. For coated paper, the United States first carried out double anti investigation, and then the European Union, Argentina, Pakistan and Taiwan, China region of China carried out single anti investigation or double anti investigation respectively

at present, among the cases of anti-dumping and countervailing investigations of China's export commodities, paper products involve the most countries. Domestic paper-making enterprises should size up the situation and reasonably avoid risks. All enterprises involved in the case should actively face it and do not take the initiative to give up their rights and interests

prediction 4: enterprises explore the extension development mode

the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on several major issues of comprehensively deepening reform puts forward that to build a new open economic system and adapt to the new situation of economic globalization, we must promote the mutual promotion of domestic and foreign opening up, better combine the introduction and going out, and promote the orderly and free flow of international and domestic factors, the efficient allocation of resources, and the deep integration of the market, Accelerate the cultivation of new competitive advantages in participating in and leading international economic cooperation, and promote reform through opening up

facing the difficulties of sluggish main business and weak profit growth, the paper industry will promote reform and meet challenges with a more open mind in 2014. On the one hand, we should increase internal governance to reduce costs and seek mergers and acquisitions. On the one hand, take the initiative to seek change and test the businesses outside the industry in order to expand the profit space

looking at the economic operation of the paper industry this year, the original growth momentum and competitive advantage of the industry have weakened, while new advantages have not yet been formed. The industry is in the process of transformation and seeking a new balance. Therefore, the paper industry should, in accordance with the goals and tasks put forward by the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the requirements of the central economic work conference, achieve the transformation of the growth mode of the paper industry as soon as possible and comprehensively improve the anti risk ability and competitiveness of the paper industry by adjusting the structure, eliminating backward production capacity, enhancing innovation ability, and practicing internal skills

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