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Which sound quality is better, Huawei soundx or apple audio homepod? What's the difference

Huawei soundx and apple audio homepod are two popular speaker models in the market. Recently, many friends have been consulting lexuezhai digital it. Which sound quality is better between Huawei soundx and apple audio homepod? What's the difference? Let's follow the it hot selling digital shopping guide to learn the difference in detail:

first, which is the difference

it hot selling digital information thinks that sound x is much better than homepod in speech recognition and wake-up rate. Homepod has a good sound, but I can't be satisfied with the function and experience. First of all, it only supports the playback of its own Apple Music Library, but does not support Bluetooth, which limits its music playback function to Apple music. Although I feel good about Apple Music for this closed music playback function, I still don't like the "closed system" itself. The box sound of homepod is heavy and the sound is muddy when playing at high volume. Although the low frequency seems to be more, it has no quality; The box sound of sound x is very slight, and the sound is not muddy when it is turned to the maximum volume. The low-frequency volume sense is not fat, but it is very strong

Huawei soundx comments on advantages and disadvantages "for your reference

Huawei soundx pictures are provided by popular digital information

popular it digital () how to say:

1. The speech recognition ability of homepod text is not good enough, and the second is the "wake-up rate" when playing music is not good enough

2. From the perspective of "tuning", sound x is not the kind of sound that is warm and mellow, but the type that is very open in high and low frequencies and good in high-frequency overtones. The only thing homepod can say "good" in front of it is that the medium and low frequencies are warmer, but the price it pays is the box sound and muddy low frequencies. The separation of music texture, the stripping ability of details, and the permeability of sound are significantly weaker than that of sound X

3. Homepod Android cannot be used. Homepod does not support Bluetooth audio, and non Apple devices cannot be used, but sound x also supports Bluetooth audio, as long as you have it

4. In fact, there is nothing to say. Except for Apple Family bucket users, sound x is the better choice. If there is Huawei, there is no need to consider homepod at all

5. Apple audio homepod quotation and comment details "" it digital information reminds you that it's better to start at the event

it is also a high-end machine

it hot sales guide provides Apple stereo homepod pictures

II. Quotation and comment comparison:

1. Huawei soundx

refer to the latest JD price: ¥ 3888.00 (check JD's latest price)

it hot sales guide user comments: the stereo is not as small as I thought, and the size is quite appropriate. It's round and beautiful, and black and dirt resistant, so I chose it. Speaking of sound quality, I feel very good. It's really produced by Dana. It sounds comfortable, and many functions are still being explored!'s self-operation speed is very fast. It was snapped up in the morning and sent to the pull platform in the afternoon. It's cylindrical. I have to say that's self-operation is really powerful

Huawei soundx pictures are provided by lexuezhai it

2. Apple audio homepod

refer to the latest JD price: ¥ 2299.00 (check JD's latest price)

lexuezhai digital user comments: this price is really beautiful with such sound quality. I used to use boss's speaker. With this, I don't want to listen to boss at all! The sound is too pleasant. The accented midrange and treble are very good, especially the stress is very powerful. Voice control, mainly Siri, is very convenient. Connecting Apple Music costs money, and there are few tracks, which is a little regrettable. I'm thinking about buying another one on the double 11. If you use the two together, the music effect will be better

III Summary:

lexuezhai hot selling it shopping guide () personal summary: sound "X is better than homepod in terms of function, use experience and sound. Note that I am not fruit powder, nor pollen. I have been using Apple iPhone, and the tablet has been using IPA. Such situations may make it take you two or three hours to take out the finished D mini, but I have no preference for the apple brand itself - which is easy to use, and it is not my style to be obsessed with the brand itself.

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