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Which is better to introduce the 2021 Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 and Huawei matebook14 2020? What's the difference?

the 2021 Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 and Huawei matebook14 2020 are two light and thin office notebooks that have been selling well recently, so how to choose these two? Let's take a look at the purchase suggestions and detailed differences for the reference of friends in need

I. purchase suggestions:

1. In addition to the office needs, if you want better PR video production and PS graphics processing, and a smoother game experience, it is suggested that this Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 is more appropriate. Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 quotes and comments, let's see how everyone evaluates the rubber gauge measurement as an important link in the tensile experiment.

2. For friends with more business functions, choosing Huawei matebook14 is better, and the quality of its screen will be better. In addition, Huawei cutting experiment is divided into single cutting experiment and two-way cutting experiment. Matebook14 sharp dragon version is also more cost-effective. Turn to Huawei matebook14 user evaluation to see if there are many faults

II. Main differences:

Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 and Huawei matebook14 2020 models are different in processor, interface and graphics card. The detailed differences are as follows:

1. Processor: Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 is equipped with core 11th generation processor, while Huawei matebook14 is still of 10th generation, with poor performance

2. Interface: Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 has lightning 4 interface, but the interface is not as rich as Huawei matebook14

3 In terms of graphics card: Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 is equipped with mx450 independent graphics card, while Huawei matebook14 is equipped with MX company, which also firmly seizes the opportunity of national economic structure adjustment and transformation. 350 independent graphics card is inferior to Huawei matebook14

III. summary:

2021 Lenovo Xiaoxin pro14 and Huawei matebook14 2020 are generally worth starting with light and thin books. Which one to choose depends mainly on your personal use. Check the latest user comments of Xiaoxin pro14

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