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Introduce which model of Akko mechanical keyboard 3108v2 and 3108ds is good? What is the difference between evaluation

akko mechanical keyboard 3108v2 and 3108ds are different in terms of time to market and appearance color. Other functions are the same. This Akko 3108v2 mechanical keyboard is a popular keyboard in the market. It looks like it is recommended by the evaluation. This Akko 3108v2 Fuji Cherry Blossom powder mechanical keyboard is planted behind it. The usage experience is as follows: durability: the keyboard is very fine, the powder shaft is very responsive, and the sound is light, It can be used in the office area without affecting others. After being tested by many growers and research stations, Longzhu Z is very handsome. Longzhu fans can start a wave. The keyboard interface is USB and the data cable of Android before. It is also orange and very beautiful. There are seven Longzhu keycaps that are worth collecting. The outer packaging is also very beautiful, which is worth starting with

if the elongation of metal materials is relatively small, add small deformation (metal extensometer). More use. The new plastic pipe laboratory has been completed and put into operation, so that users can comment on the details of advantages and disadvantages "for the reference of friends in need

1. Akko 3108v2 mechanical keyboard price:

domestic shaft Cherry Blossom powder series full key non impact

price ¥ 349.00

courtesy price: ¥ 289.00

tmall activity link:

2. Akko 3108v2 mechanical keyboard configuration parameters:

3. Akko 3108v2 mechanical keyboard other user comments:

I feel very good. For the first time, I spent hundreds of yuan to buy a mechanical keyboard, and the step key cap distribution feels good, The several common keys and caps given are also adjusted well, and the orientation is just right, which is worth buying

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