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Which is better to introduce Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13, Ruilong R5 and Acer hummingbird fun 10th generation i5? Is there a big difference

the two main differences between Lenovo's little new pro13 Raptor R5 and Acer hummingbird fun's 10th generation i5 are that the processors are different. Pro13 is equipped with the latest Raptor R5 processor, while Acer hummingbird fun is equipped with Intel Core 10th generation processor, and pro13 Raptor R5 processor has better performance; Second, the screen quality is different. Acer hummingbird fun has a 1080p resolution, pro13 Raptor R5 has a 2.5k resolution, 100% sRGB, and pro13 Raptor R5 has better screen quality. Third, the graphics cards are different. Pro13 Raptor R5 is a core graphics card, and Acer hummingbird fun is an mx350 independent graphics card. The requirements for drawing and video production are high. It is recommended to start with Acer hummingbird fun, pen and pipe. The independent graphics card is better. For general office and superior needs, pro13 Raptor R5 is recommended, with better screen quality and performance

turn to Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 Ruilong R5 start friend evaluation details of advantages and disadvantages,

Acer hummingbird fun 10th generation JD quotation and comment details,

Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 Ruilong R5

Acer hummingbird fun 10th generation i5

I. Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 Ruilong R5 quotation and comment: then find some materials to try its stretching and tightening effect

1. Reference price: ¥ 4999.00 (check JD event quotation).

2 User comments: this notebook is really in love. It's very light in your hand, and I like the color very much. The touch is also very good because the upper and lower jaws are different. High visibility light angle, no pressure on one hand opening and closing, strong performance, compact and portable, notebook is very thin, cost-effective. Action is better than heart, buy it

II. Acer hummingbird fun quotation and comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 4599.00 (check activity quotation)

2. User comments: choose to choose, or choose Acer's book. The overall quality is good, and the comprehensive quality is as large as several 10 tons (such as ordinary steel; the experimental force of the largest electronic universal experimental machine in China is 600kN, level 0.5 machine), which is very good. First of all, the appearance is atmospheric, the material is exquisite, and the workmanship is good. Hardware configuration: i5 tenth generation u, 8g memory, WD solid state disk, wifi6, IPS screen, mx350 graphics card. You can cope with Office Games occasionally. The overall score is sloppy, just enough. By the way, the sound quality is very good, and listening to music is very comfortable

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