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Qinchuan Development & promotion robot joint reducer project Qinchuan Development & promotion Co., Ltd. will build a world-class R & D base for aluminum magnesium alloy materials in Northeast China. Recently, Qinchuan development, a material machinery manufacturer, said that the company is promoting the robot joint reducer project as planned, and has recently established a robot reducer factory to strengthen personnel allocation

according to the daily economic news, Qinchuan development produced about 500 sets of robot joint reducers in 2013. 201 this is the first time that the scientific community has used light to drive a macro object and realize macro driving. About 10000 sets will be produced in four years, and 90000 sets are planned to be produced in 2015. If phase I is progressing smoothly, the company will promote phase II in due course

Qinchuan development also said on the panoramic interactive platform that after the implementation of the company's major asset restructuring plan, it is expected to turn losses into profits in 2014

it is reported that at the end of 2012, China surpassed South Korea to become the second largest robot market in the world after Japan, accounting for 15% of the global market

the International Federation of robotics predicts that China will become the largest robot market in the world in 2014; By 2015, the medium parallel interface is often used to connect extraction equipment (such as printers). The annual supply of industrial robots in China will exceed 20000, and the number of industrial robots in China will exceed 130000

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