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In the whole decoration process, waterproof engineering is very important. The areas that need to be waterproof mainly include bathroom, kitchen and balcony decoration, especially the waterproof quality of bathroom should be done well, otherwise once there is a problem, it will have a very serious impact on the later residence. What are the specific precautions for decoration waterproof construction? Home decoration network Xiaobian briefly introduced to you

1. Waterproof materials should be comprehensive

waterproof, including the waterproof of the ground and wall. Generally, the waterproof return height of the ground and wall in the bathroom should not be less than 180cm, and the floor return height of the kitchen and balcony should not be less than 0.3m. If it is a residence on the first floor, the floor and wall return height should be 0.3m when waterproof

2. The thickness of waterproof material is sufficient

the thickness of waterproof coating is directly related to the use effect of waterproof and the service life of waterproof material, so the thickness of waterproof material needs to be guaranteed

3. Construction should be meticulous

during waterproof construction, we must ensure the standardization of construction, especially where the wall and ground are connected, we must ensure that the construction is in place

4. Quality of waterproof coating

when choosing waterproof coating, it is best to choose high-quality brand waterproof coating, and good waterproof coating can ensure the quality of waterproof engineering

5. Closed water test

after the waterproof construction is completed, it is necessary to store water indoors for 24 hours, and then check whether there is water leakage. If there is no water leakage, it means that the waterproof acceptance has been passed. [related reading: what brand of waterproof material is good?]

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