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Kerut doors and windows still makes unremitting efforts for everyone's high-quality and quiet life, and the products continue to iterate year after year. Now 2018 is coming to the end of recent years. Which door and window products in kerut are deeply loved by users? Now let's have a look

kerut doors and windows popular door and window series

no matter how noisy the world is, home is the warmest, because it is your carefully arranged living place. Kerut still makes unremitting efforts for everyone's high-quality and quiet life, and its products continue to iterate year after year. Now 2018 is coming to the end of recent years. What door and window products are popular with users in kerut? Now let's have a look

1. 139 series King Kong integrated window

your carefully built home must be a place full of associations and feelings. Every window of time is home to our past and future. The 139 series diamond mesh integrated window has a small weaving density, which keeps mosquitoes and flies out of the window, greatly reducing the infection of diseases, discarding complicated carvings, and creating a fresh and natural scene with a symmetrical beauty, increasing air circulation and sunlight exposure

2, 65-75 series sliding doors

love between door and wall, love between me and you, these are the wonderful colors of time. 65-75 series sliding door is an ingenious work deeply loved by residents - a sliding door full of life style. Its simple design and clear lines not only meet the characteristics of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and scouring resistance, but also add personality to the collocation. Open the door, you can see the wonderful world, close the door, you can lazily enjoy the soft private space

3, 80 series two track moving window

home is a record of your memories from childhood to today, and it also carries the weight of your age. Doors and windows can make you feel a different life experience. The 80 series two track moving window is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and has a beautiful streamline design on the surface, which makes the window stronger. It may not be so luxurious, but at least it will make you live comfortably and improve your living standard

4, 120 series three track King Kong net moving window

the carefully built home can carry the dream of a person's heart, and can also make the home full of imagination. 120 series three track diamond mesh moving window, which is solid and stable with high safety factor; The added King Kong net also makes the line of sight 100% unobstructed, completely transparent and bright, and can achieve the effects of dust prevention, haze prevention, insect prevention and so on

well, let's finish our popular doors and windows for Amway. Before New Year's day, you can go to buy your favorite doors and windows

with a modern production base covering an area of 20000 square meters, Korut has fully introduced a refined production management system, standing at the forefront of the times and leading the industry trend in innovation, construction, quality and green development. From the beginning of the establishment of the brand, kerut has taken the production of safe and high-quality products as its own responsibility. Every product has been strictly considered. After years of brand operation experience, combined with innovative R & D and technical team strength, kerut has already had industry-leading technology and good market reflection in the Yangtze River Delta region. Moreover, the sales network has covered the first and second tier cities across the country, providing convenient shopping experience and perfect after-sales service for high-end user groups everywhere. The products of kerut are entering thousands of households, meeting the living needs and quality of consumers

(source: aluminum garden in Korut)




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