The decoration of building C, the tallest building

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Red net time, December 16 (Xiaoxiang Morning Post reporter Li Tang) the hall on the first floor of building C of Xiangjiang Wealth Financial Center, which has been decorated, is spacious and bright, and the marble wall decoration is shining under the light. On December 15, the observation meeting of the quality standardization demonstration project of decoration curtain wall Co., Ltd. of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau was held in building C of Xiangjiang Wealth Financial Center project. More than 200 leaders and experts from China Architectural Decoration Association, Hunan Provincial Architectural Association, development research center of the State Council and other fields gathered in Xiangjiang Wealth Financial Center project of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau to observe the beautiful construction site created by the decoration of the Fifth Engineering Bureau, Understand the experience and achievements in the process of project quality standardization management in detail

at present, the main structure of building a, the tallest building in Hexi, has been constructed to the 24th floor, building B to the 18th floor, and the main structures of buildings C and d have been completed. The decoration curtain wall Co., Ltd. of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau is responsible for the decoration of all public spaces of the four towers. At present, the decoration progress of building C is basically completed, some are officially put into use, and Building D is 85% completed. It is expected that the decoration of buildings C and D will be fully completed on April 20, 2018

Xiangjiang Wealth Financial Center is a financial landmark project built by Xiangjiang new area, Hunan Province. It consists of four towers a, B, C and D and a four story commercial podium. Tower a, 328 meters high, is the 64 storey super high-rise grade A office building in the west of Changsha River. Its maximum pile foundation diameter is 7 meters, which is the largest pile foundation available in the province at present




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