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Tuteng Baojia cabinet is a second-line cabinet brand in China. Although it is not as well-known as a first-line brand, Tuteng Baojia cabinet still has many places recognized by consumers. Today, let's follow the editor to learn more about the quality of Tuteng Baojia cabinet and the analysis of the nine technical characteristics of Tuteng Baojia cabinet for your reference

Tuteng Baojia cabinet is a second-line cabinet brand in China. Although it is not as well-known as a first-line brand, Tuteng Baojia cabinet still has many places recognized by consumers. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to learn about the quality of Tuteng Baojia cabinet and the analysis of the nine process characteristics of Tuteng Baojia cabinet for your reference

introduction to Tuten Baojia cabinet

Tuten Baojia cabinet is a second-line brand in the domestic cabinet industry, and its popularity in the industry is relatively loud. Founded in 1999, it is also an early brand in the domestic cabinet industry. In the domestic cabinet industry, it is also the first enterprise to introduce the European E1 and E0 environmental protection concepts into cabinet production, and it is also an enterprise to apply the international top hardware to cabinets earlier. Tuteng Baojia cabinet adopts European standard E0 level box board, which has fine texture, outstanding environmental protection performance, and is easy to be scratched

Tuteng Baojia cabinet advantages

China's famous trademark, China's famous brand products, top ten cabinet brands, leading brands in the cabinet industry, and China's environmental label products. The hardware used is also an international top brand. For example, the hardware on this cabinet adopts the Barron hinge imported from Austria, which can be closed automatically when closed, and there is no sound. The edge banding of the detail part also adopts the series with the same color as the plate, so as to integrate the whole cabinet and make it more harmonious

nine process characteristics of Tuteng Baojia cabinet

I. two process of table top

1. Four corner reinforcement: generally, right angle holes are opened in the market. We know that the quadrilateral structure is the most unstable, and the four right angles are particularly easy to crack. Round corners are opened at the opening, and each round corner is equivalent to a triangle, so as to ensure that the four corners are not easy to crack. In addition, we also use the surplus material after opening, and reinforce the four corners of the table top, which is equivalent to double-layer artificial stone, Ensure the stability of the table

2. Drip trough: the table surface will generally accumulate water during operation. The water will continue to flow to the bottom along the lower edge of the table surface, and will flow to the door or into the cabinet. Open a V-shaped drip trough at 10mm from the lower edge, so that the water can accumulate here and drip to the ground, and then drag it

II. Edge banding

it is important to look at the edge banding in the cabinet. Because the quality of the edge banding determines whether the door panel can be used for a long time, the thickness of the edge banding also determines the wear-resistant level, and the edge banding process of the edge banding ensures that the formaldehyde in the panel does not leak out to the greatest extent. Tuteng Baojia adopts German Ruihao, which is highly environmental friendly, rich in color, stable in color and long in service life

edge banding adhesive liquid adhesive, the world's top brand, Spain “ Kazu ” Environmental friendly hot melt adhesive is harmless to human health. It is solid at room temperature. There is no glue line left at the section edge sealing, and it condenses above 250 degrees. It has high heat resistance and water resistance

III. hanging Code: durable plastic material, corrosion resistance, poor oxidation resistance, stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, short service life, about 3 years long, about 10 years

IV. back plate: single side melamine, because of long-term contact with the wall, will show moisture intrusion and moldy back plate. Double side melamine can effectively prevent moisture intrusion and ensure the service life of the box

v. box connector: due to repeated connection in structure, the three in one connector is easy to form a loose connection, the gap of the box is large, and the structure is scientific, which makes the box connection tight and solid

VI. aluminum alloy connection belt: because the hole is subject to large pressure, the stove and water basin are placed on it, and there is a pressure of dozens of kilograms, so the wooden connection belt is easy to break. It is the reinforcing rib of the hole cabinet, with good load-bearing property and not easy to bend and fracture. Although the moisture resistance is a moisture-proof board, it is more susceptible to moisture than aluminum alloy, and its corrosion resistance is poor, resulting in deformation. The fracture will not be affected by moisture. It is moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant to the greatest extent, and it is not easy to deform and fracture

VII. Damping door closers: prevent cockroaches from entering, buffer door panels, buffer door panels. Eka in Italy is the largest aircraft manufacturer in Europe “ Airbus ” Manufacturing damping door closing system, double-layer rubber contacts, twice buffering, 50000 times devices 8cm away from the edge of the cabinet, a total of 38 patents

VIII. Door hinge: closing force 15 degrees, automatic closing 200000 times, 60000 times, no elasticity 100000 times, anti-corrosion ability, salt spray 72 hours without rust, salt spray 24 hours without rust, salt spray 48 hours without rust

IX. drawer: when bearing load, the sag is small, the sag is large, and the sag is large. It will automatically rebound and close → Rebound → Closed

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