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While all relevant industries are actively exploring ways out, Xiaobian summarizes some common problems in the process of using water-based paint, hoping to light up a bright light for practitioners who are touching, crawling and rolling on the road of water-based paint

???? Do you really know how to use water-based paint

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since July 1st, 2015, Beijing issued the strictest environmental protection standards, the revolution of "changing oil to water" has never stopped. The attention of water-based paint in the industry and consumers is increasing, and the era of water-based paint will come in an all-round way

while actively exploring the way out in all relevant industries, Xiaobian summarized some common problems in the process of using water-based paint, hoping to light up a bright light for practitioners who are touching, crawling and rolling on the road of water-based paint

???? 1. What are the environmental requirements of water-based paint construction? Can waterborne paint be applied in high temperature and humidity environment? What are the requirements for the storage environment of water-based paint

?? Theoretically, the construction of water-based paint has no special requirements for the environment. The construction can be carried out in an environment with good ventilation as long as the ambient temperature is higher than 5 ℃. Construction can also be carried out under high temperature and humidity. Construction in an environment with low temperature or high humidity will only affect the drying time of the paint film, and will not affect the construction effect. The water-based paint needs to be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place, and the storage temperature is not lower than 0 ℃

2. What are the requirements for the moisture content of materials in the construction of waterborne wood paint? What are the requirements for the coated surface? How to deal with the substrate

?? Taking the use of infinite flower water-based wood paint for construction as an example, the best moisture content of the wood to be constructed should be 8% ~ 14%. Under this condition, the best brushing effect can be obtained. The surface of the coating must be clean, dry, oil-free, wax free and firm. For solid wood plates, 180 mesh sandpaper should be used to polish, then 240 mesh sandpaper should be used to polish, and finally 320 mesh sandpaper should be used to polish carefully. After polishing, air gun or brush should be used to clean up


3. What are the precautions for painting waterborne wood paint? Why can't you repeatedly brush water-based wood paint back and forth

?? The construction of water-based wood paint is different from that of oil-based wood paint. To brush water-based wood paint well, it is important not to repeatedly paint water-based paint, but to brush and light from top to bottom or from bottom to top in one direction. The paint film should be thin. If you brush it very thick at one time like oil-based paint, it is easy to bring air bubbles back and forth to affect the effect of the board surface

4. Why does the surface of water-based wood paint turn white during construction and the paint film is transparent after drying

?? During the construction of water-based wood paint, a layer of milky wet film can be seen on the board, because the paint film is too thick during brushing. Due to the existence of water in the paint film, the reflection and absorption of light by water and water-based resin are different, so that the wet film looks milky white and has poor transparency. When the paint film is completely dry, the water evaporates, leaving only water-based wood paint. The reflection and absorption of light by the water-based paint film are consistent, and the paint film becomes transparent


5. Can the water-based varnish be applied after the old furniture is renovated or the surface of the painted object has been painted with other nitro paint or resin primer

?? It can be painted, but before construction, the surface of old furniture or painted objects coated with other primers must be polished with 240 mesh sandpaper and the original smooth surface must be removed before painting

6. If the oil paint has been used as the primer, can the water-based wood paint finish be used on it

yes, but the surface of the oil-based paint must be polished before painting. The drying period of the water-based paint shall not be less than 1 week

7. How long is the drying time of water-based paint? How many times does it usually need to be painted

?? Generally, at room temperature of 25 ℃, the paint film can be surface dried in 30 minutes and completely dried in 2-4 hours. Generally, water-based wood primer is brushed for 2-3 times, and water-based wood paint is brushed for 1-2 times to obtain satisfactory construction effect

8. What should we pay attention to when applying water-based coatings in southern areas with high humidity and northeast areas with low temperature

?? Under the condition of low temperature, lower than 5 ℃ and humidity greater than 85%, the surface of water-based paint will turn white and the surface will dry slowly. If you are in a hurry for construction, please take dehumidification measures, increase infrared light exposure, and improve the ambient temperature

9. When painting wood waterborne Varnish, what is the difference in the amount of water added when making different painting effects for different plates

?? According to different plates, the brushing effect can generally be divided into open effect, semi open effect and closed effect. The amount of water added for different effects is different. For open and semi open effects, the amount of water added is about 10% - 15%, and for closed effects, the amount of water added is about 5% - 10%. Generally, the primer can be applied for 3-4 times. The open effect and semi open effect should be applied thinly as much as possible, and can be applied twice


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