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Air bearing spindle for ultra-high speed machining

equipping the lathe with power tools can provide users with the opportunity to process a part completely in one clamping. However, the power tool itself cannot provide the ultra-high cutting speed necessary in some ultra-high speed machining such as grinding, polishing, engraving and small diameter drilling. If a part has to be transferred from a "multi-functional" lathe to another or several machine tools for high-speed processing of more content, it shows that this "multi-functional" lathe has not given full play to its own advantage of processing a workpiece in one clamping

in order to optimize the machining functions of the lathe, including ultra-high speed cutting, NSK USA has newly developed a shaft driven by compressed air supported by a non-contact air bearing, which aims to provide a rotation speed of up to 160000 rpm for power tools

the power tool shaft supported by several air bearings can be installed on the horizontal tool rest of the lathe,

processing is carried out in two states of longitudinal static installation and dynamic drive tool respectively

fortunately, the poor rigidity of the air bearing structure itself and the misalignment caused by it not only do not affect the machining accuracy, but also improve the machining accuracy of the parts because it can make the tool float slightly. In addition, it also has the advantages of small cutting force and low power consumption of the machine tool. Even if the coating technology (60000r/min) is innovated for low speed machining, the maximum cutting power consumed by the machine tool is only 40W. A 0.5mm drill bit can be installed on the spindle of the machine tool, which is usually used for processing parts of medical devices and electronic products

the figure shows that the compressed air enters the spinning tool shaft, which is divided into two channels,

to drive and support the power tool, so that its maximum production speed of any kind can reach 160000 R/min

The working principle of the air bearing is that compressed air enters the power tool shaft supported by the air bearing and is divided into two channels, one channel is used to drive the power tool shaft, and the other channel is used to support the power tool shaft by the bearing seat. The self rotating tool shaft and air bearing seat are precision machined, and a gap of 0.02mm is maintained between them

the power tool shaft takes advantage of the air bearing. Generally, the tool shaft is placed in the "floating" state before the tool shaft rotates. In other words, the air pressure must first act on the spin tool shaft to form an oil pump air cushion between the spin tool shaft and the bearing seat, which adopts a low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pump. This air cushion is formed by opening a manual air valve or a solenoid air valve according to the programmed program to control the air pressure required in its work

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