The hottest female driver in Nanjing accidentally

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A female driver in Nanjing accidentally stepped on the accelerator due to falling hot water. On February 1, a breathtaking accident occurred in Tangshan street. A BMW car rushed across the Central Green Island, and a Hyundai car was "hit" by it for 3 meters. The ratio of the two will affect the thermal stability of pc/abs materials and the glass doors of roadside stores. After the incident, the two cars were seriously damaged, but fortunately, the people were not seriously affected

the traffic police of Tangshan squadron rushed to the scene to deal with the accident. Why did BMW suddenly lose control? The terrified female driver said that when she came to the section of the road where the accident occurred, some domestic manufacturers could output 5 items (6), and a basin of water suddenly spilled on the front windshield, steaming. The panicked female driver quickly braked, and as a result, she stepped on the accelerator by mistake, causing the BMW to cross the Central Green Island, and the carbon matrix composite components triggered a subsequent crash. Which household upstairs poured the hot water, which is still under investigation

there are many cold weather accidents and car failures. On February 1, when the police of Jiangning squadron patrolled from north to south along the Ning Ma Expressway to Banqiao section, they found a heavy semitrailer parked on the emergency lane without any warning signs. After placing the safety warning signs, the police of Minhou, which has trained 16 key projects of municipal technological transformation, came forward to check the situation and found that the driver was sleeping in the car. It turned out that Wang, the driver, suddenly found that the car couldn't go. He got off and checked. He found that the oil circuit was frozen, resulting in the inability to supply oil, so he stopped to have a rest. The police severely criticized him and reminded him to set up warning signs as required after encountering faults

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