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imagine how pleasant it is when you return home from work in the cold winter, when the air conditioner has been turned on in advance, the water heater has cooked the hot water, and the rice cooker has cooked the steaming rice waiting for you! Smart electricity will help us turn this beautiful wish into reality. As long as you use 3G or Internet, you can easily realize the remote control of home appliances and command them to work according to your wishes. On February 26, Jiangxi electric power company held a press conference to accelerate the construction of UHV and smart electricity. At the press conference, the presentation of the first intelligent community under construction in Jiangxi attracted extensive media attention

what is life like in an intelligent community? With a sense of curiosity and doubt, we walked into the smart electricity demonstration community of mingzhuyuan by the lake in Nanchang to visit and experience

experience the modern life of intelligent electricity in person

the display room in the community is a family layout with three rooms and two halls. There are all kinds of furniture, home appliances and other life in it. When you walk into it, you feel no different from ordinary people. What is slightly striking in the living room is something similar to a digital photo frame hanging on the wall. The staff told that this is called intelligent interactive terminal, which is the key equipment to realize home intelligent electricity service. The core is to use advanced information and communication technology to centralize the information of all household appliances and equipment on this platform for unified management and control

by touching and clicking the electronic screen of the intelligent interactive terminal, the staff began to demonstrate the various functions of intelligent power consumption one by one. Click power interaction, and the screen will enter a new page. On this page, you can choose to query the household electricity information, self-service payment, service, etc. after the staff click the service, the intelligent interactive terminal sends instructions, and soon connects to the Nanchang power supply 95598 customer service, the screen switches to the video mode, and the residents and 95598 customer service personnel enter face-to-face communication

through the intelligent interactive terminal, all electrical appliances in the home can be managed and controlled in a unified way, such as adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner, setting the brightness of the lights, and automatically opening and closing the curtains. While introducing, the staff click on the smart home on the screen. At this time, the schematic diagram of household appliances such as chandeliers, air conditioners, water heaters and so on is displayed on the screen, and their working status is marked. From the above, the voltage, current, power and other information of various appliances can be read in real time, and their power consumption can be queried. Seeing everyone's disapproval, the staff added that the implementation of peak valley TOU price in the future is an important basis! It can guide and help us arrange and save electricity scientifically

the unified monitoring and management of household appliances can be realized not only on the intelligent interactive terminal at home, but also through login, interconnection or remote control, which brings convenience to our life. While introducing, the staff used their own login station, entered the user name and password, entered the corresponding interface, and successfully demonstrated the power on and off of the living room lights in the exhibition room

the intelligent security system in the community can make you feel more at ease when you go out. The staff then asked them to choose the out mode on the screen, and then opened the door of the living room. After a while, the intelligent interactive terminal sent out a beep alarm, and the voice prompted you that there was a problem with your access control settings. The security area was in the living room! At the same time, the alarm information has been synchronously sent to the residents. The staff told everyone that if there is a gas leak, smoke alarm or other emergencies at home, the security system will start in time

with the help of intelligent interactive terminal platform, hotels, convenience stores, travel agencies, medical clinics, etc. near the community will be connected, and relevant value-added services will be extended to families. Without leaving home, residents can enjoy shopping, meal ordering, medical consultation and other services, realizing the intellectualization of the community

the experience of just a few dozen minutes in the exhibition room excited the accompanying friends. Before entering the community, everyone thought that this was just a description and imagination of the ideal life in the future, but it had become a reality here. Smart electricity has brought visible convenience to people's lives and brought us more urgent expectations

the construction characteristics and demonstration significance of Nanchang intelligent power consumption community

it is learned from the interview that Jiangxi electric power company is building an intelligent power consumption community in Nanchang lakeside mingzhuyuan, which is expected to transform it into the first practical intelligent power consumption community in the country. Compared with the intelligent power consumption residential areas built in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hebei and other places, its biggest feature is not only the function display, but also its practicality. In addition to the exhibition room, 210 households in the community were included in the first batch of implementation of intelligent power transformation plan. At present, the installation and commissioning of relevant intelligent devices for more than 160 households in the community have been completed in succession, enabling the power consumption of these ordinary households to achieve the above functions, and taking the lead in entering the era of intelligent power consumption

with the unveiling of the first intelligent power consumption community in Jiangxi, people are paying more and more attention to topics. Why should we choose to implement the transformation in the built residential quarter? What are the functions of intelligent power consumption community? Can ordinary residents apply for smart electricity transformation? Will the implementation of intelligent power consumption increase the cost of electricity? When can intelligent power use popularize people's life

with these questions, I interviewed the relevant person in charge of the marketing department of Jiangxi electric power company

power optical fiber access to households is the most important link in building intelligent power consumption communities and realizing household intelligent power consumption. The reason why Jiangxi electric power company chose the lakeside mingzhuyuan as an intelligent power demonstration community for transformation is that the residential area has been laid with optical fiber communication network at the beginning of construction. On this basis, it has been extended and transformed, making full use of existing resources, and supporting the integration of three, that is, while providing power information services, it can realize the same transmission of telecommunications, radio and television, and interconnection. This means that in the future, only one cable can solve the problems of household power supply and communication, and avoid the waste of resources caused by the repeated construction of various communication networks such as community, television and broadband

Nanchang intelligent power consumption community under construction is also equipped with electric vehicle charging management facilities and 14 electric vehicle charging piles, which can meet the charging needs of electric vehicles in the community and prepare for the promotion and use of electric vehicles in advance. The intelligent watt hour meter and intelligent terminal equipment have been replaced in the community, and the automatic collection of power consumption information has been realized. Compared with the relevant introduction table above ordinary electricity, which is the protection, maintenance and precautions for the use of cold and hot shock testing machine, because the intelligent electricity meter has the functions of two-way metering, automatic control, automatic acquisition and so on. This provides an important guarantee for the future planning and construction of roof solar distributed energy access in the community, and further realize the two-way interaction between power supply and users. In the future, households are no longer simply using electricity. They can also sell the unused part of roof photovoltaic power generation to the power supply department

through the construction of Nanchang intelligent power consumption community, Jiangxi electric power company will further verify the technical scheme of intelligent community based on the built housing, deeply explore the application and operation mode of intelligent community, and continue to expand the pilot scale this year

the person in charge of the marketing department of Jiangxi electric power company also clearly informed that the construction of intelligent residential areas, the power intelligence part of which is directly invested by power enterprises, and residents are responsible for installing necessary indoor supporting intelligent terminal equipment, and there is no need to replace existing household appliances. As long as you buy smart sockets, you can meet the needs of intelligent conversion of ordinary household appliances. Therefore, from the user side, intelligent power consumption will not increase the use cost too much. After realizing intelligent power consumption, it must be more economical and efficient. Cold rolled strip is produced by ingot hot rolling method, which brings visible benefits to families

can ordinary residents apply for smart electricity transformation? In response to this problem, the person in charge said that since the transformation of intelligent power consumption is a systematic project, considering the cost input and scale efficiency, the transformation applications of ordinary residents will not be accepted separately. Moreover, at present, the government and relevant departments have not issued relevant policies and regulations on the construction of smart electricity in new buildings or residential areas. Therefore, there is still a process in the construction of smart electricity and its promotion and application. If there is any intention to build a new development, the provincial power company said that it would welcome all parties to work together to seek cooperation, so that the modern lifestyle of smart electricity can benefit more people

it is learned that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Guodian Jiangxi electric power company will spare no effort to speed up the construction of strong smart electricity. Comprehensively promote power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption, dispatching, etc. at present, China's import and export trade deficit of blow molding machines has fallen sharply year-on-year; The overseas injection molding machine market is gradually developing, and the intelligent construction and transformation of powerful links. Realize full coverage, collection and cost control of user power consumption information. Promote the construction of intelligent residential areas/buildings, and promote power optical fiber to the home. The electric vehicle charging and replacement service network throughout the province has been built, including 12 centralized electric vehicle battery charging stations, 25 comprehensive battery replacement stations, 106 battery distribution stations, and 9900 AC charging piles

intelligent power consumption, as an important component of intelligent power with a valve hole diameter of 10mm, is closely related to people's life, and will profoundly affect people's habits of power consumption, so that people will change from extensive power consumption to intensive power consumption, and enter a new era of harmonious power consumption

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