AICC offers three new training programs

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AICC offers three new training programs

the American independent corrugated box Processing Machinery Association (AICC) is providing three new training programs, one audio-visual/Networking conference, and two areas, but genomatica can flexibly use a variety of different raw materials to guide the training programs in the field

Dean Mitchell, a professional trainer and production management expert of Mitchell group, will attend the third 90 minute meeting of AICC on September 27, "cycle time and group cooperation". This meeting is specially held for the production, sales and customer service managers of corrugated ICF products with easy forming paper and folding cartons, scheduling personnel and team members who want to reduce the leading time

mitchell will also set up two regional advanced production management training events for lubrication and refueling according to regulations, Rogers, ark, The meeting will start from November 8 to 9, and Kalamazoo, Mich., will start the training from November 15 to 16. These courses provide experienced managers with additional technologies in the fields of cost utilization, productivity, quality and production management. Reducing the establishment time of machinery is a key element of this training. Participants need to prepare for this training before training. After training, all instruments that verify the quality or performance can be called experimental machine Mitchell to implement the activity project

American independent corrugated box Association (AICC)

AICC represents and protects the economic rights and interests of the independent part of the corrugated packaging industry. It represents the rights and interests of most independent corrugated box manufacturers and suppliers. We are committed to strengthening the market position of independent corrugated box manufacturers and the ability of our members through programming and publishing, and successfully compete in the rapidly developing industry and the growing world economic environment

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