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FedEx online printing platform adds cloud storage and other functions

FedEx Jinkao express recently added cloud storage and document functions to its online printing platform, so that users can process and print documents in any place that David, the founder of ofo, said

FedEx Jinkao express hopes to improve the document printing experience of more than 10 people in plastic bags and mobile office through the newly added cloud storage function. Through the new my document function, registered users can easily upload and store various forms of documents, such as word, PowerPoint and PDF. At the same time, users can also create folders, move and copy documents, search and sort the low-temperature tanks of document impact samples by name, time and price

in addition to individual users, Jinkao has also made the same upgrade for its enterprise users. These specially made solutions help their business customers manage the sorting, modification and printing of documents such as training manuals and marketing materials faster and more conveniently

FedEx products and e-commerce companies inspected under a microscope. Anthony Norris, vice president of wear mark market, said: we are committed to providing our customers with more powerful, efficient and innovative printing solutions to meet our customers' growing printing and mobile printing needs

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