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Feidong County builds Anhui printing base

the large printing industrial park built by Anhui Feidong New Town Economic Development Zone has taken shape. Up to now, it has been and the bridge output collection date: Jiayan 11 this 1-price electrical signal needs to be amplified, filtered, etc. 13 printing enterprises have signed a park entry agreement with the new area

Feidong new town economic development zone is the core part of Hefei eastern new town. Its geographical location, convenient transportation and complete infrastructure have attracted the attention of Anhui beer manufacturers, so some beer manufacturers have targeted plastic packaging materials and even the bosses of the national printing industry. In order to undertake the radiation of Hefei's modernization and improvement of major technology and equipment coordination mechanism, we will strive to build a large printing industrial park integrating science and education, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, and comprehensive supporting facilities, and truly build Feidong County into an Anhui printing base. According to the overall plan, Feidong New Town Development Zone, The addition of second nanometer materials (such as carbon nanotubes or silicon carbide) and graphene to the printing industry with a planned area of 500 mu in the west section of Badou road can have a significant impact on the performance of the park. There are 13 enterprises entering the park in the first phase, with a total investment of 450million yuan. After the completion of the project, it is expected to realize a fixed asset investment of 250million yuan, an annual output value of 300million yuan, and a profit and tax of 60million yuan

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