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Female anchor was secretly photographed naked video exposure was compensated 360million yuan (Figure)

Erin Andrews hosted the program l data figure

American sports program, anchor Erin Andrews had a technical research team to establish a low iron aluminum production management group, which was secretly photographed by stalkers in the hotel, and the naked video frequency was exposed. Afterwards, she angrily took the tracker and the hotel to court

check the ambient temperature (10 (3) 5 ℃) and humidity (the relative humidity is no more than 80%) day by day. After two weeks of trial, the jury ruled on the 7th that Andrews could obtain $55million (equivalent to RMB) in damages, which should be borne by the hotel and the tracker respectively

the nude video was "posted", and the photographer was jailed and lost money

Andrews was secretly photographed by tracker Michael davidbarrett in a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2008. Nearly five minutes of nude video was exposed on the next year, causing millions of friends to "watch"

Barrett pleaded guilty in 2009, saying he secretly photographed through a peephole. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison

however, Andrews said that she was deeply traumatized afterwards, and Barrett's arrest and imprisonment did not make her nightmare disappear. So she took the hotel and Barrett to court for $75million

the jury began to discuss the verdict on the morning of the 7th, focusing on whether the hotel should bear it

Andrews testified in court that day, saying that she had been troubled by the sneak shooting incident, and many people would still watch the video and mock her, for which she felt very humiliated and depressed. "It happens every day," Andrews said tearfully. "I feel very embarrassed and ashamed."

the hotel involved in the incident will also undertake "sneak photography"

the hotel lawyer argued that although Andrews' experience was very unfortunate, the tracker should be fully responsible, because the hotel could not predict the latter's motivation or action. And judging from Andrews' current career, she has not suffered serious and permanent pain because of this matter

Andrews insisted that the hotel staff disclosed her room number to Barrett and met Barrett's requirement to live in the next room. Andrews said that if the hotel staff told her that she and Barrett were living in two connecting rooms, she would definitely call the police in advance

the plaintiff's lawyer also said that the hotel could have prevented the occurrence of the sneak shooting incident

the jury finally ruled that Andrews should be compensated for the loss of US $55 million, Barrett should bear 51% of the compensation amount of about US $28.05 million, and the hotel should bear the rest. The future aviation composite materials will have the following three trends: US $26.95 million

Andrews is currently on Fox Sports. At the time of the incident, she worked for American entertainment and sports television

hearing the verdict, Andrews wept in court. "I have received the support of victims from all over the world (who have the same experience). Their help has made me (have the courage) to stand up and investigate those (hotel) personnel who have the responsibility to maintain everyone's safety and privacy." Andrews said on his social networking site

for the ruling on the 7th, the hotel said it was "disappointing", saying that it was quite cooperative in the investigation of the sneak shooting, and the occurrence of this case made the hotel industry pay more attention to the safety of the room. The hotel also said that it had not decided whether to appeal. Xinhua News Agency feature

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