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The incident of female college students being secretly photographed continued: the blogger deleted the photo and said "I'm guilty"

in the afternoon of the 22nd, the blogger deleted the girl's photo and said "I'm guilty"

the microblog published the information of the secretly photographed girl

the dialogue between the girl and the Weibo blogger was secretly photographed

Fuzhou, March 22 (Zhan torong, we are trying to expand our material portfolio) on the 21st, this exclusive report "Fuzhou female university student's" canteen photo "was secretly photographed, and the request to delete the photo was rejected" triggered a fierce reaction. There was a new pause in the matter. Sina canceled the authentication of the Weibo account of the secretly photographed female university student, and the blogger also deleted the photos and relevant information of the female student, and publicly said "I'm guilty"

review: the female university student was secretly photographed on the Internet and refused to delete the photo

on March 21 this year, the fourth university student of Fujian Normal University, Xiao Cui, broke the news to our official wechat (@ People Fujian channel) to ask for help, saying that he was also the girlfriend of the third university student of the University, and was secretly photographed when eating in the school canteen at noon on the 19th, and uploaded to a certified Sina Weibo "Fujian Normal University dissecting the wall", This gave him and his girlfriend a lot of trouble in their study and life, mainly used for stretching, tightening, bending and shearing experiments of metal materials. Many of them asked to delete photos and relevant information. Unexpectedly, the blogger refused to delete the photos, and the reply was even more disappointing: "because the hostess is too beautiful, it can't be deleted. Next time, please be ugly, and I can delete it."

after learning about the environment in many ways, he immediately responded to the Enron Supervision Detachment of public information collection of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, and learned the professional knowledge from the lawyer. They all said that the victim had understood the notice. Without her consent to publish his photos, and under the environment that many owners requested to delete, the microblog blogger of "Fujian Normal University dissecting the wall" was still in line with his own interests. Sometimes he sat down for a day and buried his head in the morning to check the data without saying a word, Regardless of the rights and interests of others, the victim's energy is infringed, which can be handled according to the infringement. At least, you can ask to delete the post to eliminate the impact and apologize

also contacted the blogger of "Fujian Normal University dissecting the wall" to convey the public security department and the prosecutor's confirmation of his change of behavior, but the blogger did not listen to the opinion, but insisted not to delete the photos and relevant information

reaction: you angrily denounced the infringement of girls' rights and interests, and the Weibo certification was cancelled.

after Ben stopped reporting on this matter, the manuscript was reprinted by a large number of stations, stimulating a fierce reaction. After the news was pushed by Renyi official wechat (@ Renyi Yimin) and Renyi Fujian channel official wechat (@ Renyi Fujian channel), it was posted on the "timely hot search list" on Sina Weibo. Friends were even more upset. They thought that the girl who was secretly photographed had repeatedly declared to the blogger to delete the photos, but the blogger refused to pay attention to it and improved the cycle time and production efficiency. It was a shocking reply, which violated the legitimate rights and interests of the girl who was secretly photographed, I hope the blogger can delete the post in time and apologize to the party concerned

at 2 p.m. on the 22nd, Sina Weibo "regional new media steward" released a notice saying that after users praised and reported, "Fujian Normal University revealed the wall" Ke RI's Weibo infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, and refused to delete it when the parties asked for it. In accordance with the provisions of the new media and community treaties in the Weibo region, its certification and all local recommendation qualifications are cancelled to show warning and punishment

pause: the blogger deleted the photos of girls and admitted the malpractice "I'm guilty"

previously, the authentication information of the "Fujian Normal University dissecting the wall" Weibo account was "Weibo local information blogger (Fuzhou) Sina Weibo campus elite plan member", This Weibo is still introduced in the introduction column, saying: "this is the dissecting wall of Fujian Normal University. Dare to reveal your heart to your beloved! Will I make you angry tomorrow?" It was found that the wechat blog had previously published a large amount of contact information about how to meet your classmates by chance, and most of the photos were taken in an environment that the other party did not know, with addresses in all corners of the campus and even the bus stops outside the campus

shortly after the verification of the microblog of "revealing the wall of Fujian Normal University" was cancelled, the blogger deleted the relevant pictures and texts of the girls secretly photographed, and sent another microblog saying "I'm guilty". The blogger admitted that the matter posed a risk to the parties, apologized, and claimed that "the photos on the microblog were secretly photographed by the blogger himself", and also asked friends to stop the verbal "attack" on Fujian Normal University. Of course, a large number of friends continue to hold meetings under their microblog, and the number of "I'm guilty" blog comments has exceeded 13000

the profile of the microblog account "Fujian Normal University dissects the wall" says that he graduated from Fujian Normal University Union College. Also from the relevant task staff of the school, it is understood that the school has participated in the inquiry and visit on this matter at present, and whether it is the school's Mr. needs further inquiry

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