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330000 patent applications a year, information technology intellectual property competition "white hot"

according to Xinhua news agency, due to the most active technological innovation in the field of information industry, information technology has also become the most intense field after the intellectual property competition 9 test. In 2001, the total number of domestic and even foreign patent applications in the field of information technology increased to more than 27000, while in 2004, this number increased to more than 330000. On the 25th, at the "Second China information industry intellectual property high level forum" hosted by the electronic intellectual property consulting service center of the Ministry of information industry, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of information industry said that domestic information technology enterprises have significantly improved in recent years in the protection of intellectual property rights of driving sailboards prepared from such graphene materials. In 2001, the number of patent applications of domestic enterprises in the field of information technology was 4298, accounting for 15.5% of the total applications. By 2004, the number of patent applications of domestic enterprises in the field of information technology was 155271, accounting for 46.3% of the total "Yu Miao's analogy". The Ministry of information industry believes that the impact of technical standards and intellectual property rights on the information industry is becoming more and more obvious. To realize the transformation of information industry from a big country to a powerful country, the key is to strengthen technological innovation and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, we should study and formulate the intellectual property strategy of the information industry, select areas with comparative advantages, support powerful enterprises and promising technologies, and constantly enhance the ownership of intellectual property. On the basis of technological innovation, promote the formulation and implementation of national standards. At the same time, participate in the formulation of international standards

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