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The development prospect of ultra white glass

ultra white glass is a kind of ultra transparent low iron glass, also known as low iron glass and high transparent glass. It is a new high-grade glass variety with high quality and multi-function, and its light transmittance can reach 91. More than 5%, with crystal clear, high-end and elegant characteristics, it is known as the 'crystal Prince' of the glass family. Ultra white glass has advanced technology and equipment of high-quality float glass at the same time, which ensures the progressiveness of its products and the monopoly position of the market. It has all the processability with low sampling rate, and has superior physical, mechanical and optical properties. It can be processed like other high-quality float glass. Unparalleled superior quality and product performance make ultra white glass have broad application space and bright market prospects

due to the high scientific and technological content and great production difficulty, ultra white glass is expensive, which is 5 ~ 10 times that of ordinary glass, but the cost is only 2 ~ 3 times that of ordinary glass, with high added value. Ultra white glass accounts for 20% - 30% of the total cost of thin film batteries. In the world, only a few enterprises, such as PPG in the United States, Saint Gobain in France, Pilkington in the United Kingdom and xuniti in Japan, have mastered the production technology of ultra white glass, among which PPG has the most mature technology. In order to ensure the relative monopoly of the market, most of these glass giants adopt the means of technical blockade, do not transfer technology and adopt the marketing mode of production restriction, which makes ultra white glass have a high entry threshold in technology and capital

the high price and excellent quality make the ultra white glass become the symbol of the identity of the building. From the worldwide sales situation, only those high-end hotels, urban landmark buildings, government financial projects, large-scale high-end exhibition venues can use ultra white glass, such as the bird's nest in Beijing, the water cube, the Chinese History Museum, the National Grand Theater, Shanghai Opera Theater and other well-known domestic buildings

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