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The development prospect of blanket Market

I. application and development in foreign countries

since the 1990s, with the development of offset printing technology, printing machinery and the segmentation of printing market, blanket has played an increasingly important role in the printing process. At the same time, people also hope that the shape and characteristics of blanket can meet the increasingly segmented market demand. Due to the different industrial foundations and the influence of economic values, the speed of printing machines in developed countries is generally higher than that in China, and the main factor is the expensive labor cost. Therefore, in order to give full play to the advantages of high-speed operation of printing machines, auxiliary working hours are almost demanding, so air cushion blanket with better high-speed adaptability is widely used. According to the Japanese market analysis, the demand ratio of air cushion blanket to solid cushion blanket is 9:1. In order to reduce the installation time, aluminum clips or steel sheets are installed at both ends of most rubber sheets instead of screw splints. In order to further save costs, the blanket manufacturer will keep up with the needs of the new technology of narrow seam and seamless offset press, and the manual cleaning process of blanket will gradually be replaced by environmental friendly automatic cleaning

because the rubber blanket production is related to patents and production technologies such as rubber, textile, printing, etc., the load and deformation change value of the test piece is directly proportional to the electromechanical speed, and the relevant equipment is also a special machine, so the countries that can produce rubber blanket in the world are concentrated in the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France and other developed countries. Among them, the more famous brands are day in the United States, Meiji in Japan, Jinyang, rollin in France, Vulcan in Italy, etc

II. Current domestic production and demand of blanket

according to the information provided by the printing equipment branch of China printing and equipment industry association, there are a total of 11 blanket manufacturers in China. In 2000, China produced 820000 square meters of printed rubber blanket, an increase of 10.8% over the previous year; Sales of 811000 square meters, an increase of 9.4% over the previous year; The sales revenue was 200million yuan, an increase of 11.1% over the previous year, of which the sales volume of air cushion blanket was 288000 square meters, an increase of 16.1% over the previous year

in terms of product quality, it can compete with imported air cushion rubber blanket and is at the same level. There are products from Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd., a Sino Japanese joint venture. In the solid cushion blanket market, because it is used in low-speed printing machines, the requirements for various technical indicators are low, the production process is similar, and the quality is not much different. At present, the leading brands are Shanghai Chunlei, xingpai and other products

from the perspective of product varieties, it is relatively single and not detailed enough. For example, taking the printing speed of rubber blanket as the index, it can only adapt to medium and low-speed printing

in terms of product price, imported air cushion blanket is more than twice that of domestic air cushion blanket, and the solid cushion blanket is only 1/4 of that of air cushion blanket. Of course, the performance price ratio is different

from the perspective of domestic market demand, the supply of solid cushion blanket exceeds the demand. Due to the low-speed printing requirements for various technical indicators, the price has become the first competitive factor. However, foreign solid cushion rubber cloth will not participate in the competition in the domestic solid cushion rubber cloth market because its performance price ratio is much higher than that in China. As the only domestic company specializing in the production of air cushion blanket, Shanghai Meiji rubber products Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise, which has a considerable proportion of exports and can replace some imports. As the quantity and variety can not fully meet the needs of the domestic air cushion blanket market, there are still some imports at present

III. future development prospects and trends

in the future, with the continuous development of printing technology, the printing machine will develop to high-speed, multi-color and web double-sided printing, and the requirements for the quality and variety of blanket will be higher and higher. In the future, the development direction should focus on improving quality and increasing varieties. In particular, air cushion blanket suitable for high-speed printing machines such as sheet fed printing machines with more than 10000 sheets/hour and web printing machines with more than 60000 sheets/hour should be developed, and aluminum plywood of different specifications and models should be provided to meet the needs of various printing machines. For this reason:

(1) in the future, with the continuous development of printing technology and the increase of printing output, the production of blanket should be developed accordingly, especially high-end products that meet the development needs of high-speed printing machines, multicolor and web double-sided printing, such as air cushion blanket. At the same time, we should actively and reasonably adjust the proportion of air cushion blanket and solid cushion blanket. At present, the domestic ratio is 2.5:7.5, which is far from the 9:1 ratio of developed countries

the production of solid cushion blanket should not be blindly expanded according to the current demand, so as to avoid low-level repeated construction

(2) actively increase new varieties and specifications of blanket, and expand the scope of use, such as UV printing blanket, reprint imprint printing blanket, computer tables and special blanket. And there should be aluminum splints of different specifications and models to meet the needs of various printing machines

(3) further improve the product quality of rubber blanket and prolong its service life

(4) strengthen scientific research and technological development, and change the lagging situation of domestic rubber blanket production and scientific research

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