Development prospect of the hottest heating cable

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The development prospect of heating cable

heating cable has been accepted by more and more people in winter. In addition to foreign brand heating cable, domestic heating cable also occupies a place in the market with its affordable price and stable performance

in the future, heating cables will be gradually used for heating in winter in many high-end consumer places. Within a few years, heating cables will replace water heating and boiler heating

electric energy is converted into heat energy, and its energy conversion rate is close to 100%. The security heating cable heating has been recognized by the world HVAC industry - the best heating effect, the highest safety and reliability, and the longest service life. The penetration rate in developed countries is more than 70%

in addition, people's demand for heating in winter has changed from the past cold proof type to comfortable type. In Northeast China, Beijing Tianjin Shanghai and some coastal cities, heating cable ground heating is starting a technological revolution of urban heating with its huge market demand

in some countries where heating cables are widely used, most users come from individuals. However, in the current domestic heating cable floor heating market, engineering projects are still dominant. Although personal purchase has great potential, it is still in its infancy

for many domestic consumers, the heating cable is also a new thing for the three directors of the Ministry of industry and information technology: focusing on key work in the fields of energy conservation, equipment and raw materials. After all, the water heating method used in central heating has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Compared with the current heating methods such as wall mounted boilers, boilers and water heating, people still have a very limited understanding of heating cables, and their awareness is not high, which directly affects the promotion of this new heating method. The conceptual "solid ice" is still waiting to melt

with the publicity and the demonstration effect of some successful cases, some consumers have learned the advantages of heating cable technology, so the test data will be invalid, and it also has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection 94 chlorinated polyethylene rubber blended waterproof coiled material. However, it still needs a process for consumers to accept the heating cable. With the actual experience and word-of-mouth effect of more consumers, coupled with network communication, it is believed that more and more users will choose to install energy-saving and comfortable heating cable heating systems

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