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The development prospect of chain and sprocket products technology of mechanical parts

how to expand varieties as soon as possible, overcome technical difficulties, improve the quality of economic growth, and step into the track of "powerful production country" of chain drive is worthy of in-depth exploration and research. From the perspective of technology, this paper discusses the development prospect of chain drive products whose performance exceeds that of general radiation resistant material polystyrene

1. Strengthen the basic work of scientific research and comprehensively improve the ability of technological innovation

in recent years, a lot of experimental research work has been done on the fatigue performance of chains at home and abroad, which undoubtedly plays an important role in guiding product design and manufacturing. At the same time, we also noticed the research on the fatigue life distribution law of the chain, but limited to a variety of reasons, these research work is not deep and systematic, and the analysis of fatigue fracture, especially the micro analysis of fatigue fracture, is far from enough. We know little about the mechanism and dynamic panorama of crack initiation, micro crack propagation, macro crack propagation, fracture failure in the process of fatigue fracture, while the failure analysis of fracture, It is crucial to inspect and guide product design and manufacturing process. Of course, the fracture analysis should not only be limited to the fatigue fracture of chain plate parts, but also include the low-energy fatigue fracture of rollers and sleeves. In fact, domestic peers have begun to recognize the importance of fatigue life analysis and fracture analysis, and have started research work in this area at different levels, and establishing a typical fatigue fracture diagram should be an important basic work in the industry

the study of wear mechanism and its failure mechanism is very important for building famous brand chain products. Wear has always been one of the most important and most perceptible key technical indicators of chain products. In recent years, China has begun to study the wear failure mechanism of roller chains and toothed chains. The main wear mechanisms of chains, such as abrasive wear, fatigue wear and adhesive wear, are analyzed microscopically, and the dynamic process of contact fatigue crack formation, propagation and spalling, as well as the characteristics of cyclic hardening and cyclic softening, are discussed. With the continuous improvement of the market requirements for the wear resistance of chain products( ε< 1%), it is imperative to comprehensively and systematically study the wear characteristics of roller chains, sleeve chains, toothed chains and chains used under special working conditions. As a technology development trend, it will be a key technology and innovative project with practical value to carry out the research on the wear mechanism and failure mechanism under severe service conditions such as high speed, impact, speed change, load change, dust, corrosion, and to explore the important ways to improve the wear resistance

the importance of high-speed chain drive noise has long been recognized in the industry, but the corresponding research and testing work has not made progress. The reason is that there are no relevant standards and inspection specifications in the industry. It is difficult to put forward the evaluation indicators and testing methods of chain drive noise without a solid preliminary research foundation as a support; Secondly, the scientific noise test environment and test conditions also limit the development of this work. At present, this unit has the function of automatic zero adjustment. Many chain products, such as automobile engine timing chain, oil pump chain, gearbox transmission chain, motorcycle engine timing chain, have gradually introduced noise evaluation indicators, which has stimulated the industry to produce technical strategies for this market demand. It should be pointed out that the testing and research of noise should not be limited to the instantaneous noise value of the chain drive system, but should conduct real-time analysis of the noise spectrum of the transient signal or unsteady information of the chain drive system, study the frequency time dynamic characteristics of its noise, seek the source of noise and measures to reduce noise, and then put forward relevant evaluation standards and inspection specifications on this basis, This research work starts with high-speed sleeve roller chain drive and high-speed toothed chain drive, which will have important guiding significance

in addition, practical basic technical research should be carried out on the chain drive meshing mechanism if the vehicle enterprise completely transmits the pressure to the power battery enterprise, such as hy VO chain and hy VO meshing chain derived from hy VO chain, which are currently used in high-precision mechanical transmission in the world (both external and internal contact can be achieved in the same chain link) The meshing principle and design method of hy VO multi pitch swing pin chain (there are two pitch sizes in the same hanging chain) and other new chains

2. Development of new products

with the change of market demand, the chain product series has shown a diversified trend. On the basis of ordinary and heavy-duty, a series of light and narrow products have been derived, and a series of products with self-lubricating O-ring and low-noise series of spring rollers, metal and rubber mixed rollers have been mutated

in addition to extending to both ends of the large and small pitch, the chain pitch also inserts a new pitch within the small pitch range, which makes the small pitch distribution denser and more suitable for transmission under different working conditions, presenting a "personalized" feature; Under the condition of the same size, a series of variant products with different fatigue strength, different tensile strength and even different wear properties are derived; Under service conditions, products with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dust resistance, strong wear resistance and suitable for conveying various material structures have emerged; In terms of material application, in addition to ferrous materials (including stainless steel materials), non-metallic materials are also increasingly widely used, such as engineering plastics, rubber, and composite materials; In terms of meshing mechanism, it breaks the rule of non conjugate transmission, and the research on the new chain meshing principle and design method of quasi conjugate transmission and conjugate transmission has basically realized the needs of industrialization

3. Process technology

3.1 stamping technology

the mold of chain products and the focus of its technical development should be based on the large demand, high technical content, and represent the development direction. At the same time, it must also have a certain foundation, have conditions, and may be developed through efforts. Therefore, the development prospect can be considered from the following aspects

(1) precision dies: multi position progressive dies and precision stamping dies represent the main development direction of high-tech stamping dies, which require extremely high precision and life. This kind of mold is mainly used to manufacture timing chains, camshaft chains and balance shafts for automobile engines in the chain industry, so we must not think that chains, oil pump chains, automatic transmission chains, transfer gear chains and other precision machinery are highly used

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