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The development process and technological process of digital proofing (I)

proofing is an important part of printing, and often the key to the settlement of printing order disputes is proofing

whether the enterprise realizes the needs of customers and whether customers need to fulfill their payment obligations depends on whether the printed matter matches the sample. If the printed matter and samples are within the allowable error range, the customer must pay the fee; On the contrary, if the enterprise fails to fulfill its promise, it is likely to compensate the customer for the loss except that it has no right to require the customer to pay. It can be seen that through the application of key intelligent manufacturing technologies such as IOT, big data and cloud computing, proofing is an essential link and an important means to protect the interests of enterprises and customers

nowadays, the proofing methods in the printing field can generally be divided into two categories, traditional proofing and digital proofing

traditional proofing is to get the printing plate for printing according to the steps from manuscript to film to printing plate, and then get the sample of simulated printing through the simulation printing method of proofing machine

digital proofing includes digital proofing and screen proofing, which is based on the digital publishing printing accuracy of ± 0.02% brush system. In the process of publishing and printing production, the graphic information of the page is processed according to the publishing and printing production standards and specifications, and the data information is used to directly output the sample of analog printing

traditional proofing is a proofing method that simulates the printing operation process. To a certain extent, it is very close to the printing environment. From this perspective, traditional proofing has unique advantages. However, according to the current development trend, it is imperative for digital proofing to replace traditional proofing, because the benefits of digital proofing to enterprises can be seen:

1, cost reduction. The cost is divided into fixed cost and variable cost. The fixed cost of proofing is the cost of proofing equipment, occupied plant space and consumables. Of course, the variable cost of proofing is the salary of proofing operators

equipment cost. Traditional proofing machines, imported monochrome machines are more than 1million yuan, and domestic machines also need about 300000 yuan. In digital proofing, the park has preliminarily realized the digital proofing machine, color management software and measuring equipment needed for water, electricity and access digital proofing, with about 130000; Only about 90000 monitors, color management software and measuring equipment are needed for screen proofing

plant space cost. The placement of traditional proofing light proofing machine needs about 50 square meters. Digital proofing whether digital proofing or screen proofing, a room of 10 square meters is enough

consumables. Traditional proofing requires the output of film and printing plate for each proofing. If the color originals are output in four colors, there is also the cost of ink and paper during proofing

the requirements of digital proofing consumables in digital proofing are relatively higher, including special ink and special paper, but there is no other consumption, and the overall consumption is still less than that of traditional proofing; In addition, because the screen proofing in digital proofing is a soft proofing method, there is no specific sample and no specific loss, so the cost of consumables and waste catalyst, oil residue, phosphate rock and stone coal are almost zero

operator salary. Traditional proofing requires not only special traditional proofing masters, but also high requirements for film output and printing plate output personnel

in digital proofing, whether it is digital proofing or screen proofing, because the current operating software is very perfect and intelligent, as long as simple training, many people can complete the operation. Generally speaking, the more professional people are, the higher the salary is. For traditional proofing, the overall salary of operators is much higher than that of digital proofing operators

cost is the key to the profit and loss of an enterprise. No matter which enterprise, cost is their lifeline. For enterprises that have been using traditional proofing and whose production can proceed smoothly, investing in digital proofing is an unknown new attempt for them, but from the perspective of long-term profitability, many enterprises still have confidence in this new proofing method

2. Speed up. With the acceleration of people's work and life pace, the printing production cycle is also constantly shortened. The speed of proofing is a key factor. If the sample is determined earlier, problems can be found earlier, and printing can be realized earlier

preparation time. If traditional proofing can be carried out, first there must be the processed manuscript, then output the film, then get the printing plate, and finally go to the traditional proofing machine for proofing. If this process is smooth, it should also be calculated in hours. If there are problems during this period, it may take half a day or a day. Digital proofing only requires processed originals, and then you can directly go to the digital proofing machine for digital proofing, or directly carry out screen proofing in the display

proofing time. Traditional proofing requires a period of equipment debugging. Because traditional proofing is achieved by simulating printing, similar to printing, traditional proofing machines also need to run for a period of time when they are on the machine to achieve a stable state. (to be continued)

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