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The world's first air-cooled 300 Mvar condenser was successfully manufactured in Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.

at 23:40 on November 24, 2017, the world's first UHVDC air-cooled 300 Mvar condenser completed all manufacturing and testing processes in Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Harbin electric machinery"). The final assembly type test and joint commissioning and test results show that its parameters, performance and indicators meet the requirements of the State Grid Corporation of China and the design scheme, and its transient operation indicators and overload capacity are excellent. Wangshaowu, director of DC Department of State Grid Corporation of China, praised this: "Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has created a new world-class product!"

so far, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has become the first enterprise with the manufacturing capacity of 300 Mvar all air cooling cameras, realizing a magnificent turn from a single power generation equipment to both power generation equipment and power transmission equipment, extending the industrial chain. As a result, China has become the first country in the world to have the manufacturing technology of 300 Mvar all air cooling cameras, and ranks first in the field of UHV DC transmission

it is understood that China has built 43 UHV DC transmission lines, mainly focusing on large-scale projects such as "west to East power transmission" and "northeast to South Power Transmission". After all 43 transmission lines are put into operation, the problem of power balance across the country will be completely solved. The new type of condenser manufactured by Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is escorting UHVDC transmission with its excellent transient operation performance. The first unit will take the lead in realizing the "merger" within this year. At that time, the condenser will act as the "safety guard" of power protection, help UHV DC transmission, and illuminate the magnificent rivers and mountains of the motherland

throw out the "air cooling" bag and win the "high-end and sophisticated" combo punch

with the rapid development of UHV AC and DC and the large-scale development of clean energy, the electrical operation characteristics have undergone profound changes. AC and DC, sender and receiver interact, and the AC and DC fault interlocking response mechanism is complex, especially the voltage stability and frequency stability problems caused by UHV multi DC and large-capacity centralized feeding. Once the DC system fails, It will absorb a lot of reactive power from electricity, and may even cause regional voltage sag, which will have a significant impact on the safe operation of electricity. In order to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of electricity, it is crucial to build a new type of condenser, solve the problems of reactive power and voltage, and play the role of "sea god needle"

in May 2016, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., with its excellent technical strength, successfully won the bid for the first batch of sending end converter station shunting camera project of UHV DC transmission undertaken by State Grid Corporation of China, and manufactured eight new 300 Mvar shunting cameras for safeguarding the safety of UHV DC transmission in China. During the bidding period, in the strong competition of "chasing and blocking" by many peer enterprises, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. stood out and won the first place in the technical bid, holding the "golden key" to solve the core technology of the condenser

cooling technology is very important to ensure the safe operation of the condenser. Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. comprehensively balances the factors of safe operation and later maintenance, and throws out the "air cooling" technology bag. Compared with "water cooling", the "air cooling" system does not need to consider the sealing problem, and its cooling performance is more excellent and reliable; It does not need a lot of water resources for auxiliary cooling, and its operation and maintenance are simple and fast, with significant advantages. For converter stations located in water scarce areas, the application of "air cooling" technology can be described as adjusting measures to local conditions

as a "security guard" to protect electrical safety, the condenser has extremely high requirements for transient operation capability. In the electromagnetic design selection stage of the condenser, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. learned from and absorbed the technology of super current short-circuit generator, which previously won the national science and technology progress award, and based on this technology, improved the transient parameters to the extreme. In order to ensure that the core technology is solidly applied in the new type of condenser, electromagnetic designers and researchers have done a lot of simulation research and analysis in the early stage of technology research and development, which can manually or automatically reset the load, deformation and displacement measurement at any time. In conjunction with North China Electric power and other universities, they have deeply explored and solved the key technical points such as the method analysis of end electromagnetic field and the DC bias of the condenser

"the full air-cooled 300MB var condenser independently developed by Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has completely broken through the technical limits in terms of structure, capacity, parameters, cooling, vibration, transient indicators and other aspects, and achieved unprecedented success." Speaking of this, Wang Yanbin, the chief professional of Harbin electric turbine generator, is proud

after winning the bid for the "smart manufacturing" of the motor, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. attached great importance to it. Zhang Rui, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., visited the production site for many times to understand and guide the work, and put forward specific requirements for the implementation of the project. Wang Qianzhuang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., made a solemn commitment to the owner: "camera tuning is one of our most important projects, and none of them! We should implement the camera tuning project well with the determination of breaking our wrists and the courage of rolling stones up the mountain!"

Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is so committed and does so at the same time. In order to implement the condenser project well, they took the production of condenser as the primary task to implement and deploy, and adopted the interactive implementation scheme of designing, purchasing, manufacturing and optimizing, breaking the production organization principle of conventional products

if you want to do well, you must sharpen your tools first. As early as the production preparation stage, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. set up a key research team composed of professional chief engineer, design, process, production and quality inspection personnel. The research team holds regular meetings at the production site every day to strictly implement the "three advance": production problems are exposed in advance, solutions are formulated in advance, and main parts and materials are prepared in advance

during the manufacturing of the project, the production personnel are more meticulous and step by step, giving full play to the craftsman spirit of fine process and fine results. They work hard day and night to create fine products of adjustable cameras with a strict, meticulous and practical work style and the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship. Chen Jingyi, the director of the camera project design, recalled, "almost every team member has had such an experience. When sleeping, they wait for the day. Once they receive an urgent task, they immediately rush to the production site to solve the problem."

even with so much effort, the research team still encountered difficulties in the installation of spacer bars. Unlike other products, the condenser has a large number of positioning bars and strict design standards. In the process of "reinforcement finding", conventional process means cannot guarantee the measurement requirements. In more than 20 days, the research team worked day and night to continuously analyze and study solutions, proposing, testing and denying again and again... The indomitable experience did not extinguish their will to move forward, but let them gradually explore the skeleton and outline of the positioning rib, and gradually find the way to solve the problem. Finally, the research team broke through a series of scientific and effective schemes, such as developing new tools, improving measurement methods, and improving the degree of refinement of measurement<1. The 48 test results of the final assembly type test of the first condenser in the room temperature range of 10 ~ 35 ℃ (floating up and down at 10 ℃)/p>

all meet the technical requirements of the company in the owner's country, and its transient performance index and overload capacity exceed expectations. At the same time, in addition to the routine tests, the Harbin electric machinery test team also completed four special tests: rotor overcurrent test, stator winding overcurrent test, sudden short circuit test of stator three-phase winding and sudden water cut-off test of cooler. These test results will provide users with accurate and reliable electrical and mechanical performance data, which is of great significance for guiding the installation and commissioning of on-site units in converter stations

sweat casts achievements, and cultivation is doomed to harvest. Today, with the phased victory of the camera adjustment project, let's celebrate together. Remember that the employees of Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. who have been working hard for the camera adjustment for a long time have made thousands of days and nights of research and efforts, and engraved the monument of the camera adjustment vigorously and vividly

process tracking to create "full life cycle" service

Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the purpose of all-round quality management with good product quality, good performance indicators and good service quality. During the implementation of this camera adjustment project, they devoted themselves to every detail with the attitude and determination of creating high-quality products

in ancient times, combat emphasized "the army and horse did not move, and the food and grass were first". In the project service, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on "the products are not moved, and the soldiers and horses are first". As early as in early July, before the first condenser product was shipped, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. focused on the on-site service of the converter station. According to the installation nodes, the personnel were transported into the power station in a planned, echeloned and built-up manner to provide services

after the delivery of the first main part of the condenser, installation engineers, assembly workers, designers, technicians, quality control personnel, auxiliary equipment suppliers and other professionals will arrive at the scene at the first time. Jinan experimental machine factory welcomes you to join, and actively cooperate with the on-site installation of the machine group in the whole process, all the time

in September 2017, during the transportation of the stator of the first condenser, the zhalut converter station was located in the depth of Bayan talagacha, zhalut banner, Inner Mongolia, and the transportation route was across three provinces and regions of Heilongjiang, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. In addition, the main parts of the stator were super limited goods, which brought great challenges to the transportation work. The project management team of Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. made reasonable allocation and made good use of the situation, and formulated a special transportation plan and safety plan. Through the effective implementation of measures such as pre survey of routes and arranging special escorts, the transportation time was shortened to the greatest extent. Finally, the first stator main parts were stably transported to zarut converter station in only 3 days and delivered to the owner

while manufacturing high-quality products, we should also provide high-quality services. Kazakhstan supports the dual experimental mode of peeling and stretching; According to the relevant personnel of the electric machine, in the two years after the successful operation of the condenser, Harbin Electric Machine Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a "full life cycle" service, and specially sends service personnel to the converter station. The host machine, lubricating oil system, external cooling water system and other disciplines have special personnel stationed for 24 hours to assist in monitoring the operation parameters, maintaining the operation quality of the unit, doing a good job in operation and maintenance training, and providing high-quality technical services. For the manufacturing of subsequent products, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. still adheres to its consistent style, with the spirit of rigorous design, rigorous production and rigorous service, shaping the manufacturing quality and service quality, establishing the manufacturing brand of Harbin electric adjustable camera, so that each set produces high-quality products, and each set is better than the other

at the same time that the first condenser test was successful, the condenser units of zarut and Jiuquan converter stations supplied by Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. have entered the stage of installation and commissioning. After the condenser is successfully put into operation, once the electricity fluctuates, the condenser will play a key role and turn on the electric "security" mode through excitation regulation. In this way, the high configuration transmission system of UHV + DC transmission + all air cooling camera was born, solemnly opening a new channel of UHV DC transmission. In the future, the new type of condenser will greatly show its ability in long-distance transmission projects, escort the safe and stable operation of electricity, and make long-distance UHV transmission enter a new era

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