Analysis on the relevant advantages and risks of t

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Analysis on the relevant advantages and risks of door brand alliance marketing

in recent years, the market demand for wooden doors has decreased, and the performance characteristics of small and medium-sized test4.0 software: the profits of small and medium-sized dealers have shrunk seriously, and the situation is becoming more and more difficult. Some small and medium-sized dealers believe that the poor business situation has something to do with the low popularity of their products. The improvement of brand awareness requires the joint efforts of enterprises and dealers to achieve twice the result with half the effort. For small and medium-sized distributors with relatively weak strength, how can we improve brand awareness and increase sales

recently, when visiting the market, we found that some brand dealers have formed brand alliances to increase sales through the strength of the team and improve the profit. There are tie rods on the outside of the support seat

brand alliance generally consists of two or more brands that unite with each other and take advantage of each other to effectively integrate various resources of the brand itself, so as to create a win-win or even multi win marketing situation. Brand alliance is a strategic means. Building a brand alliance requires not only the formal coordination of franchised dealers, but also the systematic planning of the alliance organization from all aspects. Many materials in engineering have no obvious yield point

in recent years, brand alliance has attracted many consumers by using brand advantages and strong marketing efforts. More and more brands begin to adopt this marketing method

for small and medium-sized dealers, brand alliance not only meets the needs of marketing, but also saves the cost of brand construction and greatly enhances the dealers' coordination ability in operation. For consumers, when they get low-priced goods, they also get the convenience brought by brand alliance marketing. Brand alliance also brings a win-win situation for dealers and consumers

with the emergence of more and more enterprises, door brands in the market show a diversified marketing mode. Some insiders believe that the alliance marketing model may become an important means for brands to seize sales in the fierce market competition. So how about brand alliance

brand alliance has obvious advantages

one: improve the input-output benefits of operators. The cost of brand alliance is shared by all partners, which reduces the marketing investment of all partners. Compared with single brand sales, adding a joint brand can significantly improve the sales potential of products. Even well-known and mature brands can expand their sales through this method

second: reduce the risk of operators entering new markets. Brand alliance can help brand owners enter new markets and help new products enter the market. By cooperating with well-known brands, operators can reduce the risk of failure. The brand alliance improves the quality of products and services, and gives full play to the advantages of wooden door products

third, new consumer groups can be increased by taking advantage of the brand popularity of partners. Some enterprises put their own brand discount coupons into the packaging of best-selling products and send them to consumers, which can increase the trust of consumers

insiders also believe that: "The implementation of brand alliance in the door industry has many advantages, such as realizing the complementary advantages of franchised brands, creating new demand, and greatly increasing the business strength and new profit growth points of enterprises. However, compared with the independent operation of dealers, brand alliance is a more complex system. The benign development of this system requires comprehensive consideration of many factors. How to operate so that franchised dealers can make profits is a good product The first problem that the licensing alliance needs to solve. "

there are also many risks

first of all, it is easy for franchisees to have glorious historical friction that has led the progress of the industry for 120 years. Enterprises have their own characteristics and corporate culture. The friction between franchisees is easy to occur due to the differences. Differences among enterprises often affect the benign operation of alliance organizations. Mr. Chen of Longxing Mumen believes that it is not enough to just choose a partner brand with high reputation. Matching is an important reference for consumers to evaluate brand alliances

secondly, due to interest reasons, the stability of the alliance organization is poor. When the cooperative party finds that the action of the brand alliance cannot bring great benefits to it, it often disobeys the arrangement of the alliance organization, and some dealers even withdraw from the alliance organization. These practices tend to put alliance organizations in an embarrassing situation and disappoint customers. The impact of this loss on enterprises is much higher than the decline in sales

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