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Analysis on the significance and challenges of titanium dioxide expansion capacity to the market

since 2010, the industry has published 18 titanium dioxide expansion or expansion unit projects, involving a comprehensive capacity of 218.5t/a, and their completion plans are before 2015

among the above new and expansion projects, there are 5 chlorination methods (including DuPont Dongying project), involving a capacity of 680000 T/A, accounting for 24.2% of the new capacity. In addition, there are many titanium dioxide projects that have not been included, including the proposed chlorination project involving Xin'an County in Luoyang, Henan Province and other enterprises, and the 700000 T/a titanium dioxide project invested by Sichuan longmang in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, which was approved not long ago. If the above 24 projects can be completed and put into operation before 2015 as planned, the total production capacity of titanium dioxide in China will increase sharply to 4.615 million T/A from the existing 2.785 million T/A. Even if the general operating rates of sulfuric acid method and chlorination method in China are 60% - 70% and 75% - 80%, the annual output of titanium dioxide will reach 3million ~ 4million tons

the active expansion of titanium dioxide production capacity of various manufacturers has brought positive signals to the titanium dioxide industry and its application fields to a certain extent. The expansion of titanium dioxide not only improves the competitiveness of the domestic titanium dioxide industry, but also reduces the cost of upstream industries

1. As an important chemical raw material, titanium dioxide is widely used in coatings, plastics, papermaking, real estate, automotive and other industries. With the development of economy, the demand for titanium dioxide is also increasing. The expansion of titanium dioxide projects by various enterprises has eased the upstream industry's concerns about the demand for titanium dioxide to a certain extent. The quality of some domestic titanium dioxide products has reached the level that can replace imported products. Capacity expansion can reduce imports, reduce the stable and lasting external dependence of the domestic titanium dioxide industry on standard performance, and improve the competitiveness of the domestic titanium dioxide industry

2. Wider application range, reduce upstream costs

titanium dioxide is one of the three largest sales of inorganic chemical products in the world. In addition to coating, plastic, paper and other industries, it is also used in cosmetics, chemical fiber, electronics, ceramics, enamel, welding rod, alloy, glass and other fields. The capacity expansion output of titanium dioxide will be digested in various industries, so as to expand the application range of titanium dioxide

according to the market supply and demand mechanism, the expansion of titanium dioxide will form a situation of supply exceeding demand, thus reducing the price of titanium dioxide, which will also reduce the production cost of upstream industries and have a certain impact on the market price of finished products

as the high fever of international oil prices gradually subsides, the domestic oil price of finished products, which has experienced three consecutive rises, is also expected to decline before the National Day holiday. On September 29, a new round of domestic refined oil price adjustment window was opened, and the domestic oil price may be reduced, with a decrease of more than 200 yuan per ton, equivalent to 0.16 yuan and 0.18 yuan per liter of gasoline and diesel respectively

affected by the recent decline of crude oil for consecutive days, the negative monitoring change rate of treasure island deepened. At 24:00 on September 29, the reduction window will open as scheduled. At that time, it is expected that gasoline and diesel will decline by RMB per ton

the last domestic oil price adjustment occurred at 24:00 on September 13, with gasoline and diesel prices rising by 90 yuan and 85 yuan per ton respectively. In less than two months, domestic gasoline and diesel utilization has increased, technological progress, and the demand in the Asia Pacific region has increased rapidly. Prices have been raised for three consecutive times

made up for the gap in this field in Anhui Province. Gong Bingxin, a refined oil analyst at zhuochuang information, said that at present, the domestic oil wholesale market has responded in advance to the reduction of expectations. Many refinery quotations have begun to callback, and the preferential margin of actual transactions is also increasing

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