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Analysis on the recycling treatment of secondary liquor in the packaging process by replacing the filler with 100% degradable green packaging materials (Part I)

the emergence of secondary liquor in the beer packaging production process is inevitable. Reasonable recycling of secondary liquor is conducive to reducing the packaging liquor damage and reducing the production cost of enterprises. It is an effective means to improve the economic benefits of enterprises, and has practical significance for energy conservation and consumption reduction

I. the source of substandard wine in the packaging workshop:

in the packaging production process, due to many factors such as the operating condition of the equipment, the CO2 content of 8-point hammer sake, the large use of old bottles and the proficiency of personnel, some bottled wine has insufficient capacity in the packaging process, and the deformation of the sample can be obtained from wine, air leakage wine and black Touch key operation mode: neck wine, black spot wine, foreign body wine, miscellaneous bottle wine, etc

II. Treatment of substandard liquor in packaging:

① the substandard liquor in each packaging workshop is recycled centrally and quantitatively transferred to the gyratory tank for sterilization, and then enters the fermentation tank for re fermentation after cooling with wort. The process flow is:

② the packaging workshop conducts on-site treatment by itself through the secondary alcohol recovery device. The process flow is:

③ the following is the comparison of two secondary liquor recycling methods:

through the above comprehensive comparison, it can be seen that the secondary liquor recycling device has a better effect on liquor damage and liquor flavor than the treatment effect of secondary liquor recycling into the whirling tank

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