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The application of spot welding in automobile industry spot welding has a wide range of driving systems in automobile industry, which are mainly used for the application of beam movement of experimental machines. Therefore, the spot welding counting system also has a broad application prospect

1. Application of spot welding counter in the process of urging enterprises to standardize the control and management of raw materials during spot welding operation

when in use, the sensor and normally closed switch are installed on the welding machine and integrated into an interface to facilitate the installation of the system. The system can work normally after the interface is connected with it

the operator will trigger a pulse signal during welding. Through the collection of the pulse signal, the single chip microcomputer can judge the operation state. If the operator misses a point or his operation time is longer than the standard time, the system will shut down and report an error, and send the error information to the control room through the network

2. Solder joint counter group

the function of automatic detection can be better played through the group of solder joint counters

if the on-site counter stops and gives an alarm, the corresponding station and error information will be displayed on the console. At the same time, the staff in the control room will feed back the information to the on-site engineer and quality management personnel corresponding to the station. In this way, the on-site engineer will know the errors made by his employees at the first time, and go to the on-site station for troubleshooting and guidance

in addition, the system can also be connected with the upper computer such as the computer to analyze the data through the software to find out the error probability of each station. Through the data analysis provided by the software, we can analyze the on-site stations, find out the causes of errors, improve them, and prevent errors more effectively

3. The use of spot welding counter is more conducive to the implementation of workshop standardization and other work.

after the installation and commissioning of spot welding counter, there are reasonable and clear requirements for the operator's spot welding operation time and the number of spots, and also strict requirements for the assembly and other production assistance time. In this way, in the process of operation, the operator will not stop his operation at will, which facilitates the management of product quality in the workshop

in the welding process, how to control the quality is a difficult problem in the quality management of welding production. Reed Exhibitions will launch the Asian transportation lightweight exhibition at the same time of next year's aluminum industry exhibition. Because of the randomness of quality problems in the process of spot welding, it becomes particularly difficult to find quality problems in the process. If the comprehensive quality supervision and spot check meter of publishing products, including editing quality, printing quality, reproduction quality and environmental protection quality, is gradually integrated into the operation process of spot welding, the problem will become simple. Record the spot welding time and the number of spots during the operator's operation, and judge whether his operation is correct. If any abnormal operation is found, immediately report the error to the operator and control the quality in the process. This has also changed the previous situation that multiple inspection points should be set up on the production line to check whether there are missing solder joints, and more quality control should be carried out in the production process. The workshop quality control cost is saved and the workshop quality management level is improved

4. Other applications

this counting system is not only applicable to spot welding. By changing the sensor of the system, the sensor can also detect the number of studs welded by the stud welder. Therefore, after improvement, the system can also be applied to the stud welder. This kind of counting system adopts modular design. We can integrate it into the welding machine and use its own resources to realize the functions of the system. In this way, the functions of the welding machine are enriched, the welding machine has the function of quality control, and the welding quality of the whole automobile industry is improved. (end)

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