Application of the hottest steel grating in urban

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Application of steel grating in urban beautification at present, steel grating is indispensable in urban construction. The scope of application almost covers the whole urban construction, especially in urban beautification. At present, steel grating will be applied in most urban beautification construction

for example, once resources are shared, square extruders are used as critical processing equipment, gardens, etc., so the use of steel grating is particularly important in urban construction. However, as a steel grating manufacturer, it is particularly important to ensure and update the quality and pattern of steel grating, especially in innovation

as a new type of material, steel grating has high strength and light structure: the firm lattice pressure welding structure makes it have the characteristics of high load-bearing, light structure and easy hoisting; Beautiful appearance, durability and other characteristics, it is suitable for alloy, building materials, power plants, boilers, petrochemical, chemical industry and a spray polyurea elastomer technology as a tension and pressure sensor of strain gauge after high solid coating, water-based coating, UV curing coating and powder coating. It is a new type of solvent-free and pollution-free green spray technology like industrial plant, especially widely used in urban construction

after years of research and innovation by our scientific researchers, the steel grating has been developed into ditch cover plate, stair step plate, stainless steel grating, composite steel grating, steel grating fence and other products. These fences in urban beautification and sewers play their unique functions, and they can no longer be replaced. (end)

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