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The third industry education integration collaborative innovation development forum and technical skill talents recommendation meeting of the electromechanical industry were launched in Hangzhou. On November 17, it was jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Electromechanical industry association and China Machinery Industry Education Association, and organized by Hangzhou Xiaoshan electromechanical engineering society Today, the "ensuring employment and promoting development - the third industry education integration collaborative innovation development forum and technical skills talent recommendation meeting" organized by the recruitment (Hangzhou Binxing Technology Co., Ltd.) was grandly held in Hangzhou Xianghu post station

it is reported that the forum sincerely invites more than 100 branches of mechanical and electrical equipment represented by Hikvision, Hangcha group, Wolong holdings, Zhejiang Chint new energy development, etc. to maintain the overall deployment of the association, and more than 50 secondary vocational schools, technical colleges and universities represented by Hangzhou Xiaoshan technician college, Zhejiang University of technology, Zhejiang University, etc Higher vocational colleges and applied undergraduate colleges, as well as many academic authorities and well-known scholars in the electromechanical industry and intelligent manufacturing field, jointly explore the future cooperation mode of industry education integration, focus on the practical construction of a new industrial talent training mode between colleges and enterprises, explore a new path of industry education integration, and gather relevant industrial resources to empower educational innovation and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Nishiying, deputy head of Xiaoshan District People's Government of Hangzhou, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech

in this special period of this year, in April, the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee put forward the task of "six guarantees" for the first time while emphasizing the strengthening of the work of "six stabilities". In the government work report in May, "stabilizing employment" has become the focus of our government's work at present, and the word "employment" has been mentioned as many as 39 times in the report. However, carefully observing the new tasks of "six guarantees", such as ensuring the employment of residents, ensuring the main body of the market, and ensuring the stability of the supply chain of the industrial chain, can not bypass the two core elements of "production" and "education"

how to further unite the vast number of educators, strengthen the cooperation, guidance, research and exchange of industry education, build a bridge between the government and enterprises, and continuously improve the quality of the workforce; How to further ensure the employment of graduates, promote the reform and development of the machinery industry, and revitalize the services of the machinery industry has become the starting point and foothold of this forum. Wangshoufa, chairman of China Machinery Industry Education Association, made it clear in his speech

the industry leaders at this forum expressed their views and talked about the new development of the integration of industry and education. Wangjihong, Deputy Secretary General of China electromechanical integration technology application Association, Secretary General of China Industrial Service Alliance, master candidate and senior engineer; Xu Zhengshun, senior sales director of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. machine tool numerical control division, has been in good order since the establishment of the company in 2000; Currently, he is the director of the recruitment and Employment Department of Shenyang University of technology, the global career Planner (GCDF), the national second-class psychological counselor, the college employment instructor, the college entrance examination registration consultant, and Professor lichunhua, Secretary General of the college employment and entrepreneurship Committee of China Machinery Industry Education Association; Xuhongping, President and professor of Hangzhou Xiaoshan technician college, delivered important speeches from the perspectives of industry, learning and research, providing ideas, methods and suggestions for deepening the cooperation mode of industry education integration and focusing on the practical construction of a new industrial talent training mode between the University and enterprises

under the new industrial reform, it is necessary to establish a new talent training mechanism. Just like from the PC Internet era to the mobile Internet era, new posts such as product manager, operation, UI, etc. are emerging. In every industrial revolution, it is human capital that drives the industry forward

according to the report on the development trend of China's manufacturing talents in the digital economy era released on the forum today, in 2020, the delayed resumption of work, traffic blockade, isolation and observation under the influence of the epidemic exacerbated the labor shortage of manufacturing enterprises, and also prompted manufacturing enterprises to continue to transform to automation, machine substitution and digital chemical plants, so as to improve production and operation efficiency and reduce the adverse impact of labor cost pressure and labor shortage, Technology and skilled talents related to intelligent manufacturing are still hot and scarce talents

for this reason, today's recruitment released the "recruitment number" for the first time on the forum according to the electromechanical talent industry analysis report. We hope to take this project as a link point, innovate and cultivate multiple school enterprise cooperation chains, and innovate the shortcut of information connection between various colleges and enterprises. It is reported that the "recruitment number" perfectly displays the recruitment information, employment information, production and education integration achievements and other related industry information and education information of enterprises and colleges through dynamic, picture, video and other information carriers, and opens up the information exchange channels between enterprises and colleges through dialogue, video and other communication methods

in addition to inviting experts and scholars from all walks of life to jointly solve the development difficulties of industry education integration and school enterprise cooperation, this forum has also actively arranged the reform of "introducing enterprises into education". Through the offline Shandong Obert company, you will be prompted to refer to the following requirements and principles for the ordinary protection and maintenance of cold and hot impact testing machines and the school enterprise talent matchmaking Conference on protection and maintenance methods, It is hoped to build an industry university research cooperation platform with "school-based, government driven, industry led, enterprise participation and common development" to promote industry education collaborative education

Hangzhou Xizi intelligent parking Co., Ltd. and Jiamusi University; Yanshan University and Hangzhou entered 18 Wheeler Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. according to the "search and play/7" policy; Wantong Zhikong Technology Co., Ltd. and School of science, technology and art, Zhejiang University of technology; Hangzhou Chaoer cutting tools Co., Ltd. has signed intentional cooperation agreements with more than 40 universities and enterprises such as Anhui University of science and technology

according to the official statistics of recruitment today, the peak number of online and offline employees of the forum reached 28653 at the same time, accumulating more than 200000 person times throughout the day. After the meeting, the sponsors, Zhejiang mechanical and electrical industry association and China Machinery Industry Education Association, both said that in the future, the two associations will continue to actively build a deep integration system of industry and education in line with the cooperation vision of "resource sharing, complementary advantages and common development", To cultivate excellent high-level applied talents in the electromechanical industry for the society, and to provide a strong guarantee for promoting the high-quality development of China's education and ensuring the solid implementation of the work of "stabilizing employment" and "ensuring people's livelihood" of the two sessions

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